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    MASTER BAITER 🎣 - Birthday Card
    VB LONGNECK 👍 - Birthday Card
    CRIKEY! CROC HUNTER 🐊 - Birthday Card
    BALI BIN CHICKEN 🗑️ - Birthday Card
    BIRTHDAY SPIRITS 🥃 - Birthday Card
    MUD CAKE 🎂 - Birthday Card

    Hang on a minute, you guys sell birthday cards?

    We're super proud of our range of cards. From hilarious and spicy designs to pranks that'll make the Birthday victim rage, we've got it all.

    We think they're the coolest cards on the market (we might be a bit biased), and so do plenty of our awesome customers who have left reviews! Check 'em out for yourself...

    History of Aussie Birthdays

    Let's take a look at the ripper history of birthdays Down Under. Picture this: back in the day, our convict ancestors didn't have fancy cakes or blow-out bashes. Nah mate, they marked their birthdays with a cold one and a cheeky yarn around the campfire. As time went on, we Aussies upped our game. Enter the 20th century, and suddenly, we're all about party pies, fairy bread, and pavlovas. Chuck in a backyard barbie and a couple tinnies, and you've got yourself a classic Aussie shindig!

    Now, what's a birthday without a bit of friendly ribbing? In true Aussie spirit, we never let our mates celebrate without a bit of banter. And banter is EXACTLY what we've loaded into each & every design we put on our birthday cards.

    These cards have got everything. Whether it's Big Barry's huge member, Rick Astley singing for hours on end, a classic reference from Film & TV, or a surprise popping out from the card; you'll find the perfect card for whoever's Birthday is coming up. Save on shipping by purchasing for a few people, plan ahead and do the country proud.

    Why buy Birthday Gifts from Spicy Baboon?

    We saw a gap in the market for hilarious & unique designs to get people talking and to get the party started. We don't sell ordinary crap, which is pretty much our whole philosophy. That’s where our crack squad of talented baboons come in. They create all of our designs right here at our Brisbane HQ, blending memes, pop culture, and a wicked sense of humour to bring you the best Birthday Gifts with just the right amount of sass.

    But since you found your way here all on your own (well done, mate), you probably already knew that didn’t you? So why else should you get your Birthday Gifts from us?

    1. We use high quality materials for all our products

    We want to make sure that your gifts last for as long as possible, so we’re only using the good stuff.

    Our clothing is 100% combed cotton, secured with double needle hems and pre-shrunk. It also comes in a great range of sizes, also be sure to check out our Kid's Range - deck out the little ones in selected matching designs.

    Our cards are printed on high-grade paper, using quality ink, meaning your recipient will be able to display them proudly on their desk/mantlepiece/work bench/in the car/the bathroom… we don’t know who you're buying for, you do. They can put them wherever they'd like, we don't judge.

    Our mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe, printed onto porcelain with quality inks. Perfect for standing outside with a cup of coffee, and sipping in style. It's the little things, y'know?

    We’d go on, but you get the idea – our products are pretty bloody ripper!

    2. Our range is huge

    From cards to t-shirts, aprons to stubby holders, and stickers to bar mats, we’ve got the most unique gifts for birthday celebrations. Many of our designs can be slapped onto a multitude of gifts, and we can even personalise some of them too, just so your recipient doesn’t forget who absolutely NAILED the gifts this year.

    3. We offer excellent value for money

    Everyone loves a good deal, and the Spicy Baboon team have made sure our gifts are no exception. We’ve worked our big red baboon butts off to build great relationships with our suppliers. That means we get good prices and THAT means YOU get good prices too. It’s just good business, mate.

    4. We’re an Australian company

    Supporting Aussie businesses and buying as local as you can is a great way to support our economy. Choosing to shop with Spicy Baboon means you’re backing a 100% Australian business, with Aussie designers, Aussie printers, and an Aussie HQ, right here in sunny Brisbane!

    Birthday Cards Gift Inspiration

    Need a bit of card inspo? Here’s some of our favourite birthday card options!

    Joker Greeting Prank Cards

    These bad boys are the MVP. The star of the show. The crem de la crem (is that how you spell it...? probs not, they shouldn't have asked a baboon to type this)

    Our Prank Cards play annoying audio for minimum 3 hours, and when broken they turn into a hilarious GLITTER BOMB!

    They come unactivated, and include instructions on how to write the message and activate the card.

    Alternatively, me & the other baboons would be more than happy to prepare a message in the card + activate it for you. Just select the option on the product page. Perfect for overseas gifters or if the Birthday is coming up super soon! Maybe you forgot, maybe you didn't. We don't judge.

    Endless "Never Gonna Give You Up" Birthday Card

    By far, our most popular Joker Greeting Prank Card. It's no wonder this is so loved; the Rick Roll is a classic internet meme that's shown the test of time. Quite literally, he's never gonna give you up.

    For the unindoctrinated, this card plays a loop of Rick Astley's iconic 1987 hit - Never Gonna Give You Up. Why's it so funny? Well.. if we have to explain that to you, you're probably not cool enough to understand. That's alright though, there's plenty more cards to choose from. Rick will always be here waiting patiently... to never give you up.

    Endless Happy Birthday Farts Card

    An absolute classic prank for Dad, or whoever the master blaster is around your household/friend group.

    Nothing beats the satisfaction of seeing someone open one of these cards, and realise their day is about to get really stinky, really quickly (pardon the pun).

    Endless Happy Birthday Screamer Card

    Warning: This might will cause anger, screaming and/or dirty underpants. Gift with caution.

    The Screamer Card does exactly as described, it screams. This card will have your victim jumping out of their seat when they open the card to a blood-curdling scream, and then try and read your birthday wishes through the high-pitched nightmare.

    Endless Dino Rock Birthday Card

    A must-have for fans of dinosaurs, rock music, or someone who hates both!

    The Dino Rock card plays a (very annoying) punk rock birthday song non-stop. There is NO off button so it will play until the battery dies (3+hours) or it's broken. If they decide to break it and stop the rocked-up classic, we've filled it with glitter! Rock on ;)

    3D Inappropriate Greeting Card

    These aren’t your grandma’s greeting cards (unless your grandma’s got a wild sense of humour). Each card unfolds into a jaw-dropping 3D scene that’s as naughty as it is hilarious. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or just because, our pop cards ensure your message is unforgettable.

    Big Barry Happy Birthday 3D Inappropriate Greeting Card

    The surprise dong seen 'round the world. Now in a hilarious, 3D joke birthday card.

    The front cover offers the celebratory message to the birthday boy or girl, “I WOOD like to wish you a BARRY Happy Birthday!” Upon opening this wonderfully inappropriate pop up card, the far-from-flacid meme, Wood Sitting on a Bed, grows from the center into a full, three dimensional view. Lucky for prudes, the man meat is censored. Get a triple-XL laugh with this gem of a greeting card.

    If they know this man, this gift is hard to look past.


    Your Package Has Arrived 3D Inappropriate Greeting Card

    There's no better way to announce the arrival of a package, than with a package...

    The outside of this 3D rooster card is deceptively sweet, reading “Your Package Has Arrived” on the front cover. Little does that dirty Johnson lover know, this pop up card comes locked and loaded with a veiny surprise. Upon opening this very adult greeting card, a slab of hefty man meat will erect itself into a rock hard statue – earning the gasp of a lifetime.

    Size queens may be a bit disappointed though. This dong only measures in at about 4.5 inches in length.

    Surprise Cake Girl 3D Inappropriate Greeting Card

    Who doesn't love a cake on their birthday? Now fill that cake with a good-lookin' gal in a bikini... even better right!? Now have all of that pop out in 3D glory when they open their birthday card? Now you've got it!

    Perfect for your bachelor mate, or to mess with nan on grandpa's birthday. Please don't actually do that, that's mean.

    Purrfect Birthday 3D Inappropriate Greeting Card

    Do you have a mate/partner/anyone in your life with a birthday coming up that also loves pussy? This card is the purr-fect way to celebrate their big day!

    This 3D greeting card contains a cute cat farting out birthday celebrations for whoever opens - all in 3D! It's the perfect funny gesture for a good laugh and a bit of cheeky fun. Cheers to bringing smiles with a card that's anything but ordinary.

    Holy 💩 You're Old 3D Inappropriate Greeting Card

    Are your friends & family getting up there in age? We've got just the card. This colourful and fun 3D card not only makes fun of their age and makes them think about how old they're getting...

    Don't worry though, it then makes up for it by calling them the sh*t (in a good way), sending them down an emotional rollercoaster. Not sure if they will be mad or happy about it, but that's your issue to deal with!

    Hey, FU 3D Inappropriate Greeting Card

    Send a fun "HEY" to your friends/enemies/grandma and let them know how you really feel. This card pops out with a 3D Finger. And no, not the pinky, ring, index, or thumb... Go figure.

    This'll cause some controversey at the Birthday function, but of course quite a few laughs. Everything comes with an equal and opposite reaction or something like that - pretty sure Newton was talking about these cards when he said that.

    Birthday Cards

    We get it, we’re in a bit of a cozzy livs crisis right now, and maybe a crazy prank card isn’t top of the list at the moment. Never fear – Spicy Baboon also has a great range of cards designed by us to choose from so you can show them you actually care and don't want to ruin their day!

    Hornbag Birthday Card

    Let's get this party started... time for some Footy Franks and a little Tia Maria!

    Everyone's favourite mother and daughter duo from down under - the best way to give birthday wishes to an established hornbag.

    "I was just the boring old housewife. But look at moi, I'm not a housewife, I'm a hornbag."

    That's What She Said Birthday Card

    Michael Scott. A master in his methods, and a very well-loved character from The Office. We all know someone who embodies Michael Scott's persona in their everyday life.

    Cause some great Birthday laughs with this winning pun. I won't spoil it for you, go ahead and check it out for yourself!

    "I say things like that to lighten the tension when things sort of get hard."

    Dwight The Office Birthday Card

    For every Michael Scott, there's a Dwight Schrute. A stickler for rules, procedures, policy, blah blah blah... But he's hilarious!

    Happy Birthday? FALSE. It's the anniversary of your birthday. You are only born once.

    VB Longneck Birthday Card

    If you're a f**king fair dinkum full grown Aussie, this is what you'd frink for brekky, a f**king VB Longneck at 20 to 8 in the f**king morning.

    Know someone who froths a VB? Get 'em the perfect card with a message from an Aussie Icon. We're not political, but if this bloke was running for PM... count us in.

    Get that up ya!

    Crikey Croc Hunter Birthday Card

    An absolute bloody Australian legend, the croc hunter in action. Crikey!

    "Crocodiles are easy. They try to kill and eat you. People are harder. Sometimes they pretend to be your friend first." - Steve Irwin

    Master Baiter Birthday Card

    Know a keen fisherman? Present them with a card that reflects their Master Baiting skills.

    All master baiters know it’s how you present the bait that will ensure the girthiest of catch, enabling you to flog the story of your giant load to all envious fishing mates.

    Make Your Birthday Great Again Birthday Card

    The perfect gift, whether they love him or hate him you're sure to see a hilarious reaction from this card.

    They say you're old, I say that's FAKE NEWS! Believe me folks, you're not old. No way. These cards are the latest, the greatest, the most tremendous cards you've ever seen. We're talking next level fun here, people.

    My Precious Birthday Card

    “We wants it, we needs it. Must. Have. THE PRECIOUS".

    A road trip across Middle Earth for his favourite fix is nothing for poor Smeagol.

    If you know someone who loves a good time, or loves the trilogy + has a sense of humour, this card is perfect. We won't spoil what's on the card, wouldn't want to blow the surprise for you.

    I Hope Your Birthday Rocks Birthday Card

    Featuring everyone's favorite boulder of muscle, The Rock, with a hilarious twist.

    Picture this: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, turtleneck on, bumbag equipped, leaning against the wall while delivering a knockout punchline that'll have the recipient rolling on the floor.

    Bali Bin Chicken Birthday Card

    An Australian Icon and protected species, there's nothing better than a Bin chicken telling you to get trashed.

    Perfect for your mate that still doesn't shut up about their Bali trip last year, as if you couldn't already tell from the worn-out bintang singlet.

    Birthday Spirits Birthday Card

    It's that time of year when you can get away with going a little harder than usual! Sit back, relax and get into the Birthday spirits.

    For the drinker that's more bourbons and cola instead of beer bongs and bloated.

    Mud Cake Birthday Card

    If you've never had a Mud Cake on your Birthday, you're not Australian.

    This card design depicts a classic Australian dessert, treat, breakfast even if you're feeling adventrous (we've all been there... ok, just me?)

    If you look up the definition of "moist" in the dictionary, there is a picture of this mud cake. This humble cake exceeds all expectations, and delivers 10/10 satisfaction every time it is consumed. A staple of every Aussie Birthday party.

    Last Minute Birthday Gifts

    If you’ve left your Birthday Gift shopping to the last minute, we’ve got you covered! We offer an express postage upgrade for domestic orders, which means your gifts should be with you in just 2-3 working days. This is an estimate for metro areas only – rural locations may take longer.

    It’ll still take 2-4 business days to pick, print, and pack your order, so if you’re looking for something quick and easy (*wink wink*), we also have a pick-up option for those of you living in sunny Bris-Vegas. You’ll just need to select ‘Pick Up’ as your delivery method, and our baboons will let you know when you can grab your order from our Woolloongabba HQ.