Valentine’s Day Gifts

    February 14th is approaching, and love is in the air. Are you the kind of person who gets your partner a gift that is beautiful and romantic, and stares at them dewy-eyed as they open it? Or are you that guy or gal who gets them something absolutely hilarious, and grins like a menace as they tear it open to reveal the joke?.

    If it’s the latter, you’ve come to the right place. We have a huge collection of funny Valentine’s Day gifts, designed with the spiciest sense of humour this side of Oceania. We have taken some of the funniest and most recognisable memes, accidental celebrities, and other cultural references, and stamped them across a variety of cards, clothes, mugs, and other classic Valentine’s Day gifts that will make your partner laugh and remind them how awesome you are. Dare we say, the best partner in the whole damn world. Because you just get them..

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    Endless Never Gonna Give You Up Valentines ❤️🔊 - Joker Greeting Prank Card (Glitter + Sound)Endless Never Gonna Give You Up Valentines ❤️🔊 - Joker Greeting Prank Card (Glitter + Sound)
    Endless Meowy Valentines 🐱❤️🔊 - Joker Greeting Prank Card (Glitter + Sound)Endless Meowy Valentines 🐱❤️🔊 - Joker Greeting Prank Card (Glitter + Sound)
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    Endless I Love You 🐱❤️🔊 - Joker Greeting Prank Card (Pull Surprise Glitter + Stickers + Sound)Endless I Love You 🐱❤️🔊 - Joker Greeting Prank Card (Pull Surprise Glitter + Stickers + Sound)
    I Choo Choo Choose You 🚂 - V-Day Card
    Glitter Trap Envelope Red ✨ - Joker Greeting PrankGlitter Trap Envelope Red ✨ - Joker Greeting Prank
    Touch Your Butt 🍑 - Customisable Coffee MugTouch Your Butt 🍑 - Customisable Coffee Mug
    Touch Your Butt  🍑 - Personalised Stubby HolderTouch Your Butt  🍑 - Personalised Stubby Holder
    Prescription Wine Bottle Labels 🍷 -  StickerPrescription Wine Bottle Labels 🍷 -  Sticker
    The Big Book Of Wood 🐓🍆🖍️ - Adult Colouring BookThe Big Book Of Wood 🐓🍆🖍️ - Adult Colouring Book
    That Weiner Is Something Else 🌭- 3D Inappropriate Greeting CardThat Weiner Is Something Else 🌭- 3D Inappropriate Greeting Card
    I Love You For Your Character 🍆- 3D Inappropriate Greeting CardI Love You For Your Character 🍆- 3D Inappropriate Greeting Card
    But you're mine 🥰 - Personalised Coffee MugBut you're mine 🥰 - Personalised Coffee Mug
    But you're mine 🥰 - Personalised Stubby HolderBut you're mine 🥰 - Personalised Stubby Holder
    Design Your Own Heart! 🧩 - Personalised Jigsaw PuzzleDesign Your Own Heart! 🧩 - Personalised Jigsaw Puzzle
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    Cute Cat Butts 🐱🍑 - 2024 CalendarCute Cat Butts 🐱🍑 - 2024 Calendar
    Dogs Pooping in 'Australian' Beautiful Places 💩🐶 - 2024 CalendarDogs Pooping in 'Australian' Beautiful Places 💩🐶 - 2024 Calendar
    Cute Puppies Prank 🐶😈 - 2024 CalendarCute Puppies Prank 🐶😈 - 2024 Calendar
    Shower Beer - Silicon Stubby HolderShower Beer - Silicon Stubby Holder
    Shower Beer Holder (Icon) - Silicon Drink HolderShower Beer Holder (Icon) - Silicon Drink Holder
    Trophy Husband 🍺🏆 – Stubby HolderTrophy Husband 🍺🏆 – Stubby Holder
    Trophy Husband 🍺🏆 – Coffee MugTrophy Husband 🍺🏆 – Coffee Mug
    Trophy Husband 🍺🏆 – StickerTrophy Husband 🍺🏆 – Sticker
    Naughty Bear 🐻 - 3D Inappropriate Greeting CardNaughty Bear 🐻 - 3D Inappropriate Greeting Card
    Boob Love 🩷🍒- 3D Inappropriate Greeting CardBoob Love 🩷🍒- 3D Inappropriate Greeting Card

    Original, hilarious Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your spouse

    Don’t settle for a boring bunch of flowers this Valentine’s Day, or chocolates that will instantly melt in the blistering February heat. Get your partner something hilarious instead. Here’s some examples of the comedy Valentine’s Day gifts that we sell:

    “We are purr-fect together” card

    On the surface, this one is definitely one of the cutest cards that we sell. But that isn’t very Spicy Baboon-like by itself, so we included a speaker that never stops once opened, and a glitter trap that explodes into your partner’s face when they try to find it. They will literally be smashed with colour and sound. What better way to express your love?

    3D pop-up naughty bear card

    A less bonkers and much dirtier card is our naughty 3D bear. He hides inside what appears to be a deliciously cute card, and when your unsuspecting partner open it, he rises up like a teddy-bear superhero to reveal his “excitement” (his d**k, in case you didn’t get it).

    I choo choo choose you” tank top

    We wouldn’t feel like real Australians if we didn’t have a Simpson’s product, and we chose Ralph’s adorable Valentine’s Day message for Lisa. If your partner is a Simpsons lover, this could be the one for you.

    BJ soapy soap

    As an adult who has already stayed on this website for longer than a few minutes, we can assume you know what a glory hole is. Well we made the soap version. Delight your partner this Valentine’s Day with a p*rn gimmick that you can use to scrub your filthy hands. Just try not to use it in other ways.

    “Thank f*ck you swiped right” card

    This is the ideal card for couples who met on Tinder. It expresses the horrible idea that they might have swiped left and moved onto some other lesser person. But they didn’t ❤️

    Personalised love mug

    If you are absolutely thrilled with the quality of your partner’s bottom, or you just really really like it for some other reason, you can express your insatiable desires with this personalised mug that tells them that you want to touch their butt all the time. We’ll print your names on the mug, and your love can be forever reminded by how much you enjoy their plump, hypnotising rear.

    “My heart beets for you” stubby cooler

    The US Office is a cultural sensation, and we turned one of the funniest quotes into a stubby cooler so your man can be reminded of the hilarity. The insufferable Dwight has never been so romantic.

    “There’s a snake in my pants” t-shirt

    We corrupted one of the most delightful cartoon characters ever made, and we’re not sorry about it. Woody no longer has a snake in his boots. The bloody pervert has one in his pants instead, and his seedy grin tells you exactly what he wants to do with it.

    “Hunk of spunk” crop top

    If your wife, fiance, or girlfriend loves Kath & Kim, this could be the crop top for them. We printed the OG lothario Kel onto the front and included his “hunk of spunk” moniker. It works particularly well if she really does think you’re a hunk of spunk.

    Our Valentine’s Day gifts are one-of-a-kind

    At Spicy Baboon, we really have two goals when it comes to our products: they need to make you laugh, and they (usually) need to be useful. We are proud to produce some of the funniest and most original Valentine’s Day products in Australia, which can be worn, used, and appreciated for years.

    Laughing is pretty damn important, even the scientists say so. It boosts your immune system, relieves stress, protects your heart, and even burns calories. Yes—it burns calories. We never would have thought that our comedy gifts could have helped you to lose weight, but there you have it.

    No less important is how laughter bonds us together. If you’re like most people, your partner’s sense of humour is something that attracted you to them, and our gifts are a nice little way to make them laugh and keep the fun alive. This can strengthen your relationship and lead to all kinds of beautiful messes like marriage, dogs, and children. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

    High-quality gifts for Valentine’s Day that last

    At Spicy Baboon, quality is extremely important to us. We stand firmly against cheap tat that falls apart after a few uses, because we want our customers to actually like and appreciate what we do (and hopefully become loyal patrons). So we manufacture every single one of our products with high-quality materials and proven processes, to ensure that they can be used time and time again.

    Our cards are made with high-grade paper and ink; our mugs with quality porcelain; our t-shirts, tanks, hoodies, and other clothing with premium cotton, all nicely double-hemmed and able to be worn for years. This is the case for all of our products. We want you to be able to appreciate them for a long time.

    Valentine's day gifts under $50

    You’re in luck—pretty much every single one of our products is under $50. The only one that isn’t are our hoodies (but they’re only $59.95, so not far above $50).

    Our Valentine’s Day gifts under $50 include:


    We have tons of hilarious Valentine’s Day gift cards that will tickle your partner’s ribs.


    T-shirts, tank tops, and crop tops galore, stamped with some of the funniest cultural references and jokes imaginable.


    Ever been Rickrolled by a cushion? Well now is your chance to do it to your partner.


    We are unapologetic caffeine addicts in Australia. And now your darling husband or wife can guzzle their coffee from a sweet Valentine’s mug that makes them laugh.


    Chuck a plant in our genital-shaped planters and amuse visiting guests.

    Jigsaw Puzzles

    Have your favourite photo printed onto a jigsaw. Or get a special Valentine’s Day edition of Big Barry and his enormous member.


    Get clean with filthy soaps.


    Funny love stickers that your partner can stick on their car, laptop, or even themselves.

    Stubby Coolers

    Keeping your beer cold has never been this much fun!

    Why our Valentine’s Day gifts are awesome

    We’re going to be honest (and maybe a little arrogant) here: our Valentine’s Day gifts usually sell themselves. We are incredibly proud of the products that we make, but if you really need convincing, here are some reasons why we think our gifts are awesome:

    They are hilarious

    Yes, we’re really flogging this dead horse. Our products are designed to be funny, and we source some of the very best cultural references from across the world to ensure they are. They will have your Valentine grinning from ear-to-ear, especially if they have the same cheeky, irreverent sense of humour that we do.

    They are tough and durable

    While we do sell plenty of novelty gifts, pretty much all of the products in our Valentine’s Day collection can be used by your partner. They can wear our t-shirts and hoodies, snuggle into our comedy cushions, slurp coffee from our mugs, chuck a green thing into our planters, etc. etc.

    They last for a long time

    As mentioned above, we use high-quality materials for our products to ensure they last for a long time. Combined with our time-tested manufacturing processes, you can be sure that our gifts can be used year after year.

    We are an Aussie company

    The stronger our economy is, the more money the Government has for public services. And the more money they have for public services, the better the quality of life is for every Australian. That’s why buying from an Aussie company is important. Spicy Baboon is a 100% Brisbane-based Australian company whose taxes go towards bolstering the country’s economy, which we think is super important, and a solid reason why you should buy from Aussie companies like us.

    Valentine's day gifts Australia—we deliver to the entire country

    We’re going to be honest (and maybe a little arrogant) here: our Valentine’s Day gifts usually sell themselves. We are incredibly proud of the products that we make, but if you really need convincing, here are some reasons why we think our gifts are awesome:

    Why our Valentine’s Day gifts are awesome

    The Spicy Baboon head office is based in Woolloongabba, Brisbane, but we deliver to the entire country. We wouldn’t want Aussies in Melbourne, Perth, Hobart, or any other city to miss out, so we offer nationwide postage that reaches every remote corner of our glorious nation.

    Who comes up with your Valentine’s Day gift ideas?

    Wondering which geniuses come up with our Valentine’s Day gift ideas? That would be our team of marketing baboons. It’s their forte. We do have to bribe them with a lot of food and the odd paycheck, but they are highly self-motivated for the most part.

    Come to think of it, we do have to lock them into a room for a few weeks to come up with ideas, but they don’t seem to mind too much. When the time is up, they usually emerge with a ton of new Valentine’s Day funnies that we incorporate into our product collection, some of which you could be the proud new owner.

    Where did Valentine’s Day come from?

    Valentine’s Day was originally a big old 14th February dinner called the Feast of Saint Valentine, which honoured various 3rd century Christian martyrs called Saint Valentine (which is a bit weird). After one of the Saint Valentine’s was imprisoned by the Romans for helping persecuted Christians, he apparently cured the sight of his jailer’s blind daughter—what a stand-up guy. Later on, after writing the daughter a letter before he was due to be executed, he signed it “Your Valentine,” which is where today’s tradition comes from.

    The Feast of Valentine wasn’t originally associated with love, however. This only started a long time after in the 14th or 15th centuries, when notions of courtly love flourished. Eventually the 14th February became associated with love instead of feasting, and we wonder why it couldn’t have been both—they do say that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This is actually the case in Malta, where you can find relics of the old Saints. The day is celebrated with a mighty feast to commemorate them, and to promote all things love.

    FAQs | Best Valentine’s Day gifts

    • 1. What are your shipping times at Spicy Baboon?

      We provide two different shipping methods at Spicy Baboon, to provide you with a little more choice depending on how organised you are:
      Regular shipping—This method takes between 4 - 8 business days, and you’ll also need to account for 1 to 4 days for us to print and produce the product.
      Express shipping—This quicker method is better for those who have left their pressies till the last minute. It will take between 2 to 3 business days for the item to arrive, and again, you’ll need to add between 1 to 4 days for us to print and produce the item.)
      Ultimately, if you want the gift to arrive before 14th February, we recommend ordering way ahead of time. We can’t control shipping couriers unfortunately (as much as we’d like to), so the earlier you order, the better.

    • 2. What if I change my mind about my purchase?

      If you change your mind about your Valentine’s Day gift purchase, we will happily refund it for you if you meet the following criteria:
      The item must be returned within 7 days
      The item must be brand new, and unused
      You need to provide proof of purchase. We can also look up your details in our orders if necessary.
      If these conditions are met, we’ll provide a full refund for you.

    • 3. What are your most popular Valentine's Day gifts?

      Some of our best sellers for Valentine’s Day are our “Choo Choo Choose You” mugs and clothes, our “I long for your bottom” Harry Potter inspired stubby coolers, our Big Barry stubbies, and our prank cards that blast you with sound and glitter (what better way to show your love?)

    • 4. Do you sell any cute Valentine’s Day gifts?

      We are more about cheekiness than cuteness, but we do have a few cute Valentine’s Day gifts that you might enjoy. They include:
      Our “choo choo choose you” Simpson’s cards and clothes. You can channel the romance of Ralph and be adorable while doing it.
      Our “you’re my lobster” items, which reference the excellent Friends scene to tell your partner that you will be with them FOREVER.
      Our “baby, yoda one for me” mugs and other products. If Baby Yoda isn’t cute, we don’t know what is.
      Our Kayne t-shirt where the absolute legend tells you that you’re breathtaking. What lady wouldn’t swoon over that?

    • 5. Do you sell any casual Valentine's Day gifts?

      There’s nothing serious about our gifts. We don’t go for bunches of flowers or nice perfumes or anything that’s too lovey dovey. So really, every single one of our gifts might be considered casual. If a massive c**k-shaped soap isn’t considered casual or frivolous, we probably need to re-adjust our thinking.