Valentine's Day Gifts For Her

    Love isn’t that hard fellas, you just need to be a decent person, treat your partner right, and make her laugh from time to time. And with Valentine’s Day around the corner, we have a huge selection of hilarious love-themed pressies that will make your partner roar with laughter, and be reminded just how awesome you are.

    Our Valentine’s Day gifts for her will help you to express your love in the way that is most comfortable for blokes: being amusing, ridiculous, and more-than-a-little profane. We source some of the funniest jokes, pun, memes, and cultural references, and then stamp them across our products to create truly unique Valentine’s Day gifts for your lady—much more interesting than a bunch of boring roses. What self-respecting woman wouldn’t want to receive a “thank f**k I swiped right” t-shirt? Or a mug that reminds her how you want to touch her butt all the time?
    Make Valentine’s Day a little funnier for your better half this year, with a Spicy Baboon gift.

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    Endless Never Gonna Give You Up Valentines ❤️🔊 - Joker Greeting Prank Card (Glitter + Sound)Endless Never Gonna Give You Up Valentines ❤️🔊 - Joker Greeting Prank Card (Glitter + Sound)
    Endless Meowy Valentines 🐱❤️🔊 - Joker Greeting Prank Card (Glitter + Sound)Endless Meowy Valentines 🐱❤️🔊 - Joker Greeting Prank Card (Glitter + Sound)
    Touch Your Butt 🍑 - Customisable Coffee MugTouch Your Butt 🍑 - Customisable Coffee Mug
    Prescription Wine Bottle Labels 🍷 -  StickerPrescription Wine Bottle Labels 🍷 -  Sticker
    Bath Wine - Stick On Wine HolderBath Wine - Stick On Wine Holder
    Design Your Own Heart! 🧩 - Personalised Jigsaw PuzzleDesign Your Own Heart! 🧩 - Personalised Jigsaw Puzzle
    Design Your Own! 🧩 - Personalised Jigsaw PuzzleDesign Your Own! 🧩 - Personalised Jigsaw Puzzle
    The Big Book Of Wood 🐓🍆🖍️ - Adult Colouring BookThe Big Book Of Wood 🐓🍆🖍️ - Adult Colouring Book
    Bouquet of Cocks 🐓💐🍆- 3D Inappropriate Greeting CardBouquet of Cocks 🐓💐🍆- 3D Inappropriate Greeting Card
    Good Vibes Only ✌🏻🫨- 3D Inappropriate Greeting CardGood Vibes Only ✌🏻🫨- 3D Inappropriate Greeting Card
    Cute Puppies Prank 🐶😈 - 2024 CalendarCute Puppies Prank 🐶😈 - 2024 Calendar
    Sold out
    Cute Cat Butts 🐱🍑 - 2024 CalendarCute Cat Butts 🐱🍑 - 2024 Calendar
    I Choo Choo Choose You 🚂 - V-Day Card
    Choo Choo Choose You 🚂- Coffee MugCHOO CHOO CHOOSE YOU 🚂- Coffee Mug
    Choo Choo Choose You 🚂- Men's T ShirtChoo Choo Choose You 🚂- Men's T Shirt

    Choo Choo Choose You 🚂- Men's T Shirt

    Sale priceFrom $37.95

    4 colors available

    Choo Choo Choose You 🚂- StickerChoo Choo Choose You 🚂- Sticker
    Choo Choo Choose You 🚂- Stubby HolderCHOO CHOO CHOOSE YOU 🚂- Stubby Holder
    Choo Choo Choose You 🚂- Women's Crop TopChoo Choo Choose You 🚂- Women's Crop Top

    Choo Choo Choose You 🚂- Women's Crop Top

    Sale price$39.95

    3 colors available

    Choo Choo Choose You 🚂- Women's T ShirtChoo Choo Choose You 🚂- Women's T Shirt

    Choo Choo Choose You 🚂- Women's T Shirt

    Sale priceFrom $37.95

    2 colors available

    But you're mine 🥰 - Personalised Coffee MugBut you're mine 🥰 - Personalised Coffee Mug
    But you're mine 🥰 - Personalised Stubby HolderBut you're mine 🥰 - Personalised Stubby Holder
    F-Bomb 🤬 - Bath BombF-Bomb 🤬 - Bath Bomb

    F-Bomb 🤬 - Bath Bomb

    Sale price$14.95
    Golden Male Body 🧼- Hand SoapGolden Male Body 🧼- Hand Soap
    Offensive Pencils ⚠️✏️ - Coloured PencilsOffensive Pencils ⚠️✏️ - Coloured Pencils

    Check out our collection of funny Valentine's day gifts ideas for her

    It’s that time of the year when Cupid pops out of his hole and starts shooting love everywhere. Which means you need to get your lady a Valentine’s Day gift that she’ll love, or else she might finally realise that she could do a lot better.

    Thankfully, that doesn’t have to happen because we have a ton of awesome Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her, including:

    “We are purr-fect together” prank card

    Let’s be honest fellas, you probably already annoy the s**t out of your lady, so why not continue with the trend by giving her a prank card that doesn’t stop playing until you literally find the speaker and break it. Plus, when they rip open the card to get to the speaker, she’ll get smashed with glitter too. This Valentine’s Day pressie is perfect for couples who love to play pranks on each other.

    “I choo-choo-choose you” crop top

    Simpsons is a cultural phenomenon in Australia, and we’ve printed Ralph’s desperate love attempt onto crop tops, t-shirts, cards, and tons of other products that your lady might love. This is definitely one of our sweeter gifts, although Ralph’s train does look like he wants to murder you.

    Pocket rocket handy soap

    Tell your wife to throw out the expensive hand soap—the pocket rocket is here! This enormous d**k shaped soap sticks straight onto your bathroom mirror where it can be gently massaged until a creamy substance appears. If that sounds familiar, we congratulate you. Your wife might even decide to stick it in the guest bathroom for when the family visits.

    BJ soapy soap

    As an adult who has already stayed on this website for longer than a few minutes, we can assume you know what a glory hole is. Well we made the soap version. Delight your partner this Valentine’s Day with a p*rn gimmick that you can use to scrub your filthy hands. Just try not to use it in other ways.

    “You’re my lobster” mug

    Tell your lady you really love her by comparing your relationship to that of an old lobster couple who met decades ago and have skittered about claw-in-claw ever since. If she’s a Friends lover, she’ll probably adore this. And she’ll adore you too.

    “I long for your bottom” hoodie

    If your wife has a fabulous butt, you might want to give her our Harry Potter themed hoodie that shows Neville Longbottom declaring he “longs for your bottom.” Because that’s probably what you actually do. It’s somehow cute and perverse at the same time, and who doesn’t love Harry Potter?

    Valentine’s Day gifts for women that will make your spouse laugh

    Having a strong sense of humour has proven to be an attractive trait for both men and women. Who wants to be with a dullard who never makes their partner laugh? Not your lady, that’s for sure. And it isn’t just about luring them into a relationship with your sense of humour and then abruptly stopping the moment you get comfortable, you need to keep on making her laugh, especially on Valentine’s Day when love is in the air.

    Our Valentine’s Day gifts for women achieve this very thing. We source some of the funniest jokes and memes from across the world, and print them onto cards, clothing, mugs, puzzles, even cushions, so that you can express your love in the way that blokes know best: through humour. And if your darling wife, fiancé, or girlfriend is anything like you, we’re sure she’ll appreciate it.

    Quality Valentine’s Day gifts for your girlfriend, wife, or fiancé

    At Spicy Baboon, we don’t just want to make your lady laugh, we also want her to enjoy our Valentine’s Day products for as long as possible. That’s why we use high quality materials for every single one of them, so that they can be used time and time again without falling apart after just a few uses. We use quality-graded paper and ink for our cards and puzzles, premium porcelain for our mugs, top-quality, double-hemmed combed cotton for all of our clothing, and soap ingredients that really do vanquish bacteria. We’ve built supplier relationships and honed our manufacturing processes over the years so that we can create the highest-quality items at the lowest prices, giving you great value for money. Hilarious comedy + affordability is what we’re all about.

    Why buy one of our Valentine’s Day gifts for her?

    If you’re not already convinced after browsing through our collection of knee-slapping Valentine’s Day gifts for her, here are a few more reasons to buy one of our products for your love:

    They’re funny. Really funny

    We don’t want to flog this dead horse, but our products are designed to make people laugh. This makes them the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for couples with a good sense of humour. If that sounds like your wife, fiancé, or girlfriend, you’ve come to the right place. Stay firmly in her good books with a Spicy Baboon gift.

    They last for ages

    As mentioned above, we don’t just want to make you laugh, we want you to be able to use our products for years. So we manufacture them using high quality materials and modern processes to ensure their durability. That’s just one reason why we have so many repeat customers.

    They’re useful

    You can (obviously) wear our clothes, guzzle caffeine from our mugs, relax with our puzzles, scrub your hands with our v**gina-shaped soaps, etc. Almost all of our products can actually be used, and we think that’s important.

    They are good value

    Our Valentine’s Day gifts for her are competitively priced, especially considering their quality. We refuse to sell cheap tat. Every one of our gifts have been created with high quality in mind.

    We are an Australian company

    Supporting Aussie businesses is important because it helps to strengthen our economy. This makes more money available for public services, improving the quality of life for all Australians. We are proud to be a 100% Australian company, created and based in Brisbane.

    Best Valentine's Day gift ideas for women—types of products we sell

    Looking for Valentine’s Day gift ideas for women? We have some of the funniest you’ll find in Australia. They’re definitely on the more traditional side of presents, but the designs that we use make them 100% original, and hilarious if we do say so ourselves.
    Here are the main categories of Valentine’s Day gifts for women that we sell:


    Every Valentine’s Day present should come with a card, and if you’re already buying another of our presents, you may as well keep the tone deliciously cheeky by buying one of our cards too. You’ll find pop-up cards where cute bears intrude on you with their chode, cards that express your love in the form of Dwayne Johnson, cards where Keanu declares that your wife is breathtaking, and tons more.


    We know you probably wish your lady didn’t have to wear clothes all the time, but unless you both move to a nudist colony, sadly, she has to. We’ve got a large selection of crop tops, t-shirts, and hoodies that are perfect for your lady Valentine, so she can look stylish and be funny at the same time. Bonza.


    You know those sequinned cushions where you rub it in a certain direction and it reveals an image? Well we took that concept and used it to Rickroll people. One minute it’s just a lovely unsuspecting cushion, and nek minute you’re mercilessly Rickrolled and won’t be able to get the bloody song out of your head for the next four hours.


    Your girlfriend needs her caffeine fix just as much as the next person, and we’ve got a ton of hilarious mugs to accommodate. You’ll find memes and references from The Office, Pixar, Star Wars, Kayne West, and can even create a special personalised mug with whatever text you like. Perfect.


    Plants liven up the home, and putting them into a ceramic c**k and balls planter livens it up even more. Or we have a rather stylish one with a lady’s middle region. Both are excellent rude additions to your lovely home.


    Puzzles are a great activity for couples, and we sell a few Valentine’s Day designs to make your lady chuckle. We have one with Big Barry and his gargantuan nob, Bob Ross, and even a customised puzzle where you can print whatever you like—a nice photo of you both, your favourite holiday destination, or perhaps your flaccid member flopping about in the wind.


    We’re proud of our naughty soap collection, purely for their resemblance to the real thing. You’ll find c**ks, v**ginas, glory holes, and bath bombs that kindly request a spanking. Getting clean has never been this filthy.

    FAQs | Valentine’s Day gifts for her

    • 1. Can I return my Valentine’s Day gift?

      You can return your Valentine’s Day gift, provided it’s within 7 days and in perfect condition. We also need proof of purchase, but we can also check our system for your order if you need. If all is good, we’ll provide you with a full refund for the item.

    • 2. Who makes your Valentine’s Day gifts for women?

      Our gifts are all designed by our marketing baboons. We basically lock them in a room for three weeks of the year and don’t let them out until they’ve come up with a ton of new funnies. But don’t worry, we give them plenty of nuts, seeds, and the odd antelope to tide them over. The smell is atrocious when we finally open the door though.

    • 3. How long will it take for my gift to arrive?

      We have a couple of different shipping options for our gifts, which are:
      Standard shipping—this usually takes between four to eight business days to arrive, but you’ll also need to include one to four days for us to print the product (if applicable).
      Express shipping—this option is faster, and takes between two to three business days. Again, you’ll need a buffer of one to four days for us to print the item.
      As you’d expect, Valentine’s Day is really busy for us, so we recommend ordering your lady’s gift as early as you can to offset potential delays. We obviously get our products out ASAP when we receive orders, but we can’t predict or control delays in the postal service.

    • 4. Do you have any cute Valentine’s Day gifts for her?

      As you’ve probably seen, most of our products are dirty and irreverent, but we still have plenty of cute Valentine’s Day gifts that are suitable for your darling wife. They include our “Choo choo choose you” designs, our baby yoda specimens, our Keanu prints, and a few more. Have a browse through our products to spot them.