Mother's Day Cards

    Mother’s Day ain’t too far away – it’s the second Sunday in May, for those of you currently panic-searching it up right now – and if your mum isn’t one for the traditional “World’s Best Mum” cards, then you’ve come to the right place.

    At Spicy Baboon, we’ve got a killer range of comedic Mother’s Day cards, guaranteed to have your mum in stitches. Printed on quality paper using the best inks, they’re all designed in-house by our team of witty baboons, who love their mums almost as much as they love memes. Expect big laughs, cheeky references, and a very happy mum!

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    Mother's Day Endless Mum, Mum, Mum 🔊 - Joker Greeting Prank Card (Glitter + Sound)Mother's Day Endless Mum, Mum, Mum 🔊 - Joker Greeting Prank Card (Glitter + Sound)
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    Endless "Never Gonna Give You Up" Mother's Day Card 🎙️🔊 - Joker Greeting Prank Card (Glitter + Sound)Endless "Never Gonna Give You Up" Mother's Day Card 🎙️🔊 - Joker Greeting Prank Card (Glitter + Sound)
    Mother's Day Endless Crying Baby 🔊 - Joker Greeting Prank Card (Glitter + Sound)Mother's Day Endless Crying Baby 🔊 - Joker Greeting Prank Card (Glitter + Sound)
    Glad It Was You 🥰 – Mother's Day Card
    Cool Mum 😎🍸 - Mother's Day Card
    You're The Schitt 🍷 - Mother's Day Card
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    Yoda Best Mum 👽❤️ - Mother's Day Card
    Mum You Are My Rock 💪🏾 - Mother's Day Card
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    Simply The Best 🥇 - Mother's Day Card
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    Happy Mother-F**king Day 💐 - Mother's Day Card
    Cheers To You Mum 🍸 - Mother's Day Card
    Not Like The Others 🐴🦄- 3D Inappropriate Greeting CardNot Like The Others 🐴🦄- 3D Inappropriate Greeting Card
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    Endless Thank you Mom 👩‍🍼🔊 - Joker Greeting Prank Card (Glitter + Sound)Endless Thank you Mum 👩‍🍼🔊 - Joker Greeting Prank Card (Glitter + Sound)

    When did this whole Mother’s Day thing start anyway?

    Mother’s Day has a different history and a different day, depending on where you are in the world. In the UK, it’s the fourth Sunday in Lent and it’s called Mothering Sunday, an originally medieval festival that celebrated the “Mother Church”. Mongolian Mother’s Day shares the day with Children’s Day on June 1st which sounds nice, but also just feels like Mum wouldn’t really get much of the day to herself. Ethiopia has a three day feast at the end of the rainy season - much more our style! Other countries combine it with International Women’s Day on March 8th and really double down on shouting out and cheering on the excellent women in their lives.

    Here in Australia, it all started in around 1910, but it didn’t really catch on until the 1920s. And then in 1924, gifts became part of the celebration, when an absolute legend by the name of Janet Heyden began to collect presents for the women in Sydney’s Newington State Home. She saw that many of them had lost husbands and sons in World War One and wanted to make sure they still felt loved and appreciated. She put out a call for help in some local newspapers and the gifts just started rolling in. We’re not crying, there’s just something in our eye.

    We’re not entirely sure what our mate Ms Heyden would think of OUR Mother’s Day cards, but we’re certain she’d love that the tradition of celebrating mums and all they do for us is still going strong a century later!

    What makes Spicy Baboon’s Mother’s Day cards different?

    Well, you already know we’re the place to go for funny Mother’s Day cards – why else would you be here? But Spicy Baboon’s cards and gifts hit different for a few other reasons too.

    Numero uno, we’re an Aussie company!

    That’s right – we’ve got Aussie designers, Aussie printers, and an Aussie HQ! Supporting homegrown businesses is more important than ever these days, so when you buy from Spicy Baboon you can rest assured that your money is supporting local baboons right here in Brisbane.

    Reason number two, we only use top tier materials for our products, including our Mother’s Day cards.

    All of our cards are printing on high-grade paper, using quality ink, meaning they not only look great but they’ll stand tall on your mum’s mantlepiece for ages. Honestly, they look so good she might even want to frame them – though we’re not sure what her friends would make of some of the jokes.

    We’re great value for money too.

    You’d think all that quality would come at a cost, but if there’s one thing the world knows about Aussies is that we’re a friendly bunch, and we used all our loveable larrikin charm to build great relationships with our suppliers. That means we get the best materials at the best prices, and we’re able to pass on those savings straight onto you. At Spicy Baboon, you can shop easy, knowing we’ve got you covered with high quality, hilarious gifts, at reasonable prices. You’ll definitely have plenty left over for a bottle of wine for Mum – unless we can tempt you with a few of our gifts instead?

    Did we mention we’re funny?

    We’re sure it’s come up once or twice, but in case you missed it, here’s a reminder: we’re here to make you laugh. Shopping with Spicy Baboon means you’ll be able to choose from some of the funniest and most unique designs out there, inspired by pop culture, memes, and some really bad puns, and all designed by our Aussie-based team. Your mum will love her Spicy Baboon card – and if she doesn’t, at least you got a kick out it, right?

    A few of our favourite Mother’s Day cards

    All our cards are blank inside so you can write your own message – sorry we can’t do all the hard work for you – and also come with an envelope, which is doubly cool if you’re the kind of person who still sends letters through the post.

    We’ve got quite the selection of Mother’s Day cards – here’s a few we think you (and your mum) will really like.

    You’re Not a Regular Mum, You’re a COOL Mum

    Pay tribute to both one of cinema’s most iconic cool mums and your own with this Mean Girls inspired card! This design is also available on t-shirts, hoodies, stubby coolers and more, so why not put together an entire June George inspired gift set?

    You’re The Schitt

    Let Mum know you think she’s the absolute Schitt with this card, bébé. And remember, when one of us shines, all of us shine!

    Mum You Are My Rock

    Everyone loves The Rock. Why should your mum be any different? Celebrate Rocks both emotional and physical with this design featuring Dwayne in all his turtleneck and chain glory.

    Cheers to you Mum

    If you can’t get actual Leo DiCaprio raising a glass to your mum, then this card inspired by that scene in The Great Gatsby is the next best thing. (No offence to your mum, but she’s probably bit old for Leo anyway).

    Simply The Best

    If you’re looking for a reference your mum is guaranteed to get (we get it, not everyone has your exquisite taste), look no further than this card featuring one of Queen Tina Turner’s most iconic numbers! It’s so good, you can almost HEAR it.

    Endless Thank You Mum prank card

    On the surface, it’s a simple, elegant card, with a heartfelt message for your mum. On the inside however… Once opened, Mum has a choice to make. Endure the (almost) endless screaming of “Mum, Mum, Mum!” emanating from the card, or tear it apart and send glitter everywhere. Decisions, decisions. (Only buy this if you’re the youngest sibling or you’re certain you’re the favourite – the consequences could be disastrous!)

    Mother’s Day Endless Mum, Mummy, Mumma! prank card

    Your mum deserves a day off, even if it's only a day off from the dishes, rather than a day off from your bullsh*t! This is another of our prank card options, because why annoy the crap out of your mum once, when you can do it two years running?! Comes complete with looping “Mum, Mummy, Mumma!” sound effect and a terrifying amount of glitter.

    We’re more than just Mother’s Day cards!

    If you thought all we were good for was making funny cards, think again! We’ve got a huge range of Mother’s Day gifts for you to choose from too. Some can even be personalised to really show your mum how much you care. Here’s a few we think your mum will love!

    Favourite child Mother’s Day mug

    She says she doesn’t have a favourite but we all know she’s lying. Cement your spot in the family pecking order with one of our mugs featuring… well, your mug (and your siblings’) Available in one, two, and three sibling options, it’s a sure-fire way to let Mum know you know, and flex on everyone else at the same time. Win/win.

    Hornbag stubby holder

    Kath, Kim, and a disco ball background on a stubby holder? It’s noice, it’s different, it’s unusual, and your mum is gonna love it. This fantastic design is also available on other items too, just in case your mum prefers a cardonnay over a stubby.

    Mum, Wife, F*cking Legend hoodie

    Show the world how good Mum is with this comfy hoodie, and maybe shock a few old biddies with some vulgar language in the process. Or just let her slob around the house in it; God knows she’s bloody earned a rest! Also available in tees and tank tops, for when summer be summer-ing.

    Bandit Hall Pass collection

    If you’d have told us a couple of years ago, we’d all be going feral for a cartoon blue heeler, well… honestly 2020/2021 was a weird time. Along the way Bluey’s Bandit somehow became the ultimate DILF – women are attracted to good dads, who knew? – and so we simply had to put together a design that celebrated our favourite furry daddy. Available on crop tees, tanks, stubby coolers and more!

    Mummy Shark t-shirt

    Honestly, we only included this so it would get stuck in your head. Sorry not sorry. Altogether now: Mummy shark doo doo doo doo doo!

    FAQs | Mother’s Day Cards

    We’ve got a crack squad of baboons who work on all our designs. A fine assortment of memelords, comedy geniuses, and pop culture connoisseurs, they work hard to make sure only the funniest, filthiest, and downright SPICIEST goodies make it to our online store.

    Sure, the office doesn’t smell great, but that’s the price you pay, I guess.

    • 1. Who makes your Mother’s Day cards?

      Spicy Baboon began because we saw there was a gap in the market for cards and gifts that made you laugh, blush, and cringe a little – and sometimes a combination of all three. We’ve grown plenty over the years, but we’re still the same squad of clever baboons just trying to make you ROFL.

      All our designs are created by our crack squad of talented baboons at our Woolloongabba HQ. They’re clued up on all the latest pop culture and meme trends, and most of them quite like their mums too, so they’ve got a pretty good handle on things.

    • 2. Can I return my Mother’s Day card?

      If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. And if Mum’s not happy, NO ONE’s happy. If you’ve received your order and don’t think Mum will love it, contact us within 14 days of receiving it and we’ll help make it right.
      As long as the item hasn’t been used or damaged, we should be able to organise an exchange or a refund, with return postage at the buyer’s expense.
      Unfortunately, we can’t offer exchanges or refunds on personalised items unless they’re damaged or faulty.

    • 3. How long will it take for my order to arrive?

      Once ordered, our baboons prepare and ship your products within 1-4 days from Brisbane, Australia. All our products are sent via Australia Post. Within in Australia, standard shipping usually takes four to eight business days to arrive, with express shipping taking two to three business days. If you’re in a rural area, postage will likely take a little longer.
      The orders coming flying in in the run-up to specific holidays (including Mother’s Day), so our baboons are often very busy around this time. There’s also any number of things that can delay your postie, so we recommend getting your orders in nice and early to avoid disappointment.

    • 4. What are your shipping rates?

      We offer flat rate shipping to our Australian and NZ customers, with free delivery over $99 for the Aussies! (We gotchu, besties)
      • Standard Shipping (4-8 Business days) = $8.95 • Express Shipping (2-3 Business days) = $12.95
      New Zealand: • Standard Shipping (8-15 Business days) = $15.00

    • 5. Do you ship internationally?

      Abso-freaking-lutely! Rates and estimated delivery time frames are dependent on which country we’re sending our products to, so fill up that cart and we’ll suss it out!
      As mentioned earlier, we get much busier as certain holidays approach so be sure to order well ahead of time for any international deliveries.

    • 6. Can I pick-up my order?

      If you’re based in Brisbane (or even if you’re not based in Brisbane and could just use the holiday), you can pick up your order from Spicy Baboon’s Woolloongabba HQ. Simply select ‘Pick Up’ as your delivery method at checkout, and once our baboons have done their thing and put your order together, we’ll send you an email letting you know it’s ready to collect, and what to do when you get here.
      Woolloongabba is well served by public transport, so it’s super easy to get to!

    • 7. How can I get in touch with Spicy Baboon?

      The fastest way to reach us is by phone. Give us a call or a text on 0484663060 and we should be able to help you out. Our phones are manned weekdays 9am-4pm – outside these ours (or if you’re a Millennial who hates talking on the phone), you can reach us via email at