Naughty Christmas gifts

    🏖️Looking to spice up your Xmas with naughty Christmas gifts? We have just the thing for you. Our collection of naughty Xmas gifts will make your day a little more funny, and who knows—you might even get a reward for being so thoughtful 😉Yay!

    Our inappropriate Christmas gifts include suction-mounted soap bars in the shape of enormous penises, calendars featuring phallic-shaped natural wonders, “tea bagging” mugs, and a whole lot more. Our products are designed to be risque and funny, so that your Christmas morning can be started with a laugh. You can show them off to your adult friends too of course—who wouldn’t want to advertise their brand new Big Barry stubby cooler?

    Our products are designed and manufactured in good old Oz, so you can be sure of their quality. They’ll last for many Christmases and beyond.