Valentine's Day Gifts For Him

    They say that love makes the world go round, and what better way to make your man smile on Valentine’s Day than with a rude (but hilarious) Spicy Baboon gift. We’ve got some of the funniest and most original Valentine’s Day for him gifts you can think of, from Tinder mugs that say “thank f**k you swiped right,” to comical t-shirts with dinosaurs that like to lickalottapus (hopefully just like your man). Our Valentine’s Day pressies are perfect for any husband, fiance, or boyfriend who enjoys a good laugh, which is basically every single bloke. What better way to show your love?

    We have Valentine’s Day cards, t-shirts, jumpers, mugs, stubby coolers, and a hell of a lot more. Cupid hasn’t got s**t on us. Our “arrows” are tinted with comedy and they’ll remind your other half just how awesome you are.

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    Endless Never Gonna Give You Up Valentines ❤️🔊 - Joker Greeting Prank Card (Glitter + Sound)Endless Never Gonna Give You Up Valentines ❤️🔊 - Joker Greeting Prank Card (Glitter + Sound)
    Endless Meowy Valentines 🐱❤️🔊 - Joker Greeting Prank Card (Glitter + Sound)Endless Meowy Valentines 🐱❤️🔊 - Joker Greeting Prank Card (Glitter + Sound)
    Shower Beer - Silicon Stubby HolderShower Beer - Silicon Stubby Holder
    Valentines Precious 🌹   - V-Day Card
    Sexy And I Mow It 😘 🌾 – Coffee MugSexy And I Mow It 😘 🌾 – Coffee Mug
    Sexy And I Mow It 😘 🌾 – Men's T ShirtSexy And I Mow It 😘 🌾 – Men's T Shirt

    Sexy And I Mow It 😘 🌾 – Men's T Shirt

    Sale priceFrom $37.95

    4 colors available

    Sexy And I Mow It 😘 🌾 – StickerSexy And I Mow It 😘 🌾 – Sticker
    Sexy And I Mow It 😘 🌾 – Stubby HolderSexy And I Mow It 😘 🌾 – Stubby Holder
    Sexy And I Mow It 😘 🌾 – TankSexy And I Mow It 😘 🌾 – Tank

    Sexy And I Mow It 😘 🌾 – Tank

    Sale price$38.95

    3 colors available

    Sexy And I Mow It 😘 🌾 – Unisex HoodieSexy And I Mow It 😘 🌾 – Unisex Hoodie

    Sexy And I Mow It 😘 🌾 – Unisex Hoodie

    Sale price$59.95

    5 colors available

    Sexy And I Mow It 😘 🌾 – Women's Crop TopSexy And I Mow It 😘 🌾 – Women's Crop Top

    Sexy And I Mow It 😘 🌾 – Women's Crop Top

    Sale price$39.95

    3 colors available

    Make Your Own 🌡️ - Heat Reveal MugMake Your Own 🌡️ - Heat Reveal Mug
    Make Your Own 🍺 - Stubby HolderMake Your Own 🍺 - Stubby Holder
    Make Your Own ☕ - Coffee MugMake Your Own ☕ - Coffee Mug
    Make Your Own 👕 - HoodieS / Black Make Your Own 👕 - Hoodie

    Make Your Own 👕 - Hoodie

    Sale price$69.95

    5 colors available

    Make Your Own 👕 - TankS / Moss Make Your Own 👕 - Tank

    Make Your Own 👕 - Tank

    Sale price$48.95

    3 colors available

    Make Your Own 👕 - Unisex T-shirtMake Your Own 👕 - Unisex T-shirt

    Make Your Own 👕 - Unisex T-shirt

    Sale price$48.95

    6 colors available

    Roo Roo Root Ya 🦘 – Coffee MugRoo Roo Root Ya 🦘 – Coffee Mug
    Roo Roo Root Ya 🦘 – Men's T ShirtRoo Roo Root Ya 🦘 – Men's T Shirt

    Roo Roo Root Ya 🦘 – Men's T Shirt

    Sale priceFrom $37.95

    4 colors available

    Roo Roo Root Ya 🦘 – StickerRoo Roo Root Ya 🦘 – Sticker
    Roo Roo Root Ya 🦘 – Stubby HolderRoo Roo Root Ya 🦘 – Stubby Holder
    Roo Roo Root Ya 🦘 – TankRoo Roo Root Ya 🦘 – Tank

    Roo Roo Root Ya 🦘 – Tank

    Sale price$38.95

    3 colors available

    Roo Roo Root Ya 🦘 – Unisex HoodieRoo Roo Root Ya 🦘 – Unisex Hoodie

    Roo Roo Root Ya 🦘 – Unisex Hoodie

    Sale price$59.95

    5 colors available

    But you're mine 🥰 - Personalised Coffee MugBut you're mine 🥰 - Personalised Coffee Mug

    Looking for Valentine's day gifts for him ideas? You’ve come to the right place

    As you may have noticed from our collection, our number one goal is to create original products that make people laugh. We stamp some of the best memes, celebrities, jokes, and other cultural funnies onto clothing, mugs, stubby coolers, even cushions, which can be treasured and chuckled at whenever they are used.

    Here are some of our funniest Valentine’s Day gifts for him:

    Eggplant card

    This card tells your man that you love him for his character, but that “P” is a really huge bonus. What self-respecting man wouldn’t grin at that? We also drive home the point with a big eggplant that pops up as you open it. It might even hit him in the face if it’s close enough, which he may not like so much (or maybe he will 😏)

    Toy story stubby cooler

    Woody already has an inappropriate name, so why not contaminate the character further by chucking him on a stubby cooler and have him declaring there’s a snake in his pants? If the insinuation isn’t clear enough, his seedy expression might help.

    Hitler mug

    Evil men can love too. We chucked a rose into the mouth of Germany’s wurst and added a possibly desperate request to “Be Mein.” But he does look pretty confident.

    Big Barry puzzle

    We’ve featured Big Barry’s and his enormous member on a beautiful heart-shaped puzzle, and Cupid just about to pierce him with a love arrow. Whoever is nearby had better watch out.

    Longbottom hoodie

    This is one of our favourites, and probably works as a gift for both men and women. It’s Neville Longbottom telling you that he longs for your bottom, and it’s a really-quite-lovely way of saying that your husband has a fantastic butt.

    The finer things in life t-shirt

    For the men who appreciate illicit things. This t-shirt has a heart, a cigarette through it, some class As, and the quote “only way to my heart is a pinga and a dart.” What else is there to say?

    Unique and hilarious Valentine’s Day gifts for men

    Let’s be honest, men can struggle with the lovey doveyness of Valentine’s Day. Lots of them are emotional imbeciles who would rather jump off a cliff than express their love. But what they are good at is being humorous fools, and our collection of Valentine’s Day gifts for men taps into that perfectly. Most of them are more likely to appreciate a gift that makes them laugh compared to a soppy gift that they can’t quite figure out.

    Enter Spicy Baboon. Our Valentine’s Day gifts for men are designed with one thing in mind: to make your man laugh. We achieve this by selecting some of the funniest cultural references from Australian and around the world, and stamping them onto clothing, mugs, and tons of other products. They’re funny, useful, and will remind your man that you love him because you’ve tapped into one of the things that he likes most: laughing. Isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about?

    He’ll grin as he tears open a t-shirt and realises that he’s been rickrolled in clothing form. He’ll laugh as he unpackages our notorious vagina-shaped soap, which he can use to keep his filthy hands clean. He’ll roar as he opens a kangaroo car sticker that says “I’d roo roo root ya.” Etc. etc.

    Show your man that you love him by making him laugh this Valentine’s Day, he’ll appreciate it.

    Quality Valentine’s Day gifts for your husband or boyfriend

    Our products are made to last. We don’t ever want to manufacture products that fall apart with a few uses, because we genuinely value your business (and we’d love you to become loyal customers). We want our t-shirts to be worn for years, our mugs to be filled with coffee countless times, and our stubby coolers to be wrapped around thousands of beers. So we make them with high quality materials that last.

    Our cards are made from quality, high-grade paper. Our mugs are made with superior porcelain and printed with premium ink, and the latter also goes for our t-shirts, hoodies, tanks, and other clothes. Our soaps actually smell great, and really will help your man to scrub his balls and ar*e clean. Every one of our products has been designed and manufactured with quality in mind, because we know this is important to you as a customer. But the proof is in the pudding: buy one of our products and see for yourself!

    We sell some of the funniest Valentine’s Day gifts for him

    Comedy is our forte, but there are plenty of other reasons to buy a Spicy Baboon gift for your Valentine. Here are some of them:

    They’re hilarious

    Did we already mention this? Our Valentine’s Day gifts for him are designed to be funny, and to give your man a much-needed chuckle. We achieve this by locking our marketing baboons in a room and not letting them out until they have at least 20 new designs that make us laugh. Don’t worry, they get paid handsomely for this.

    They are durable

    As mentioned above, we build our products to last. We never want to create anything that falls apart after a few uses. It’s disappointing and it reflects terribly on us. So we use premium materials for all of our products, and have honed our manufacturing processes over the years to ensure that they can be used time and time again.

    They’re useful

    Pretty much all of our Valentine’s Day gifts for him are useful. You can wear our t-shirts, jumpers, and hoodies, you can guzzle coffee from our mugs, you can chill your beer with our stubby holders, you can brighten up your home with our meat & two veg planter, etc. etc. Our Valentine’s Day gifts are funny and useful—what a bloody combo.

    They are top value for money

    The materials that we use for our products have been carefully selected so that they are affordable, but high quality at the same time. We’ve also improved our manufacturing processes over the years to reduce costs further, which allows us to sell premium products at affordable prices. This makes them great value for money.

    We are an Australian company

    A strong Australian economy gives the Government more money for public services, which helps to improve the quality of life for all Aussies. So buying from an Australian company is important, and we are a 100% Aussie company whose hard-earned taxes go towards supporting the country. We think that’s pretty damn important, and a good reason why you should try to buy from Australian companies like us whenever you can. It keeps the wealth inside Australia, and makes our country a bit better.

    Valentine's Day gift ideas for him—types of products we sell

    We sell the quintessential staple gifts for Valentine’s Day. They’re timeless classics that allow us to display our jokes loudly and proudly. Here are the types of Valentine’s Day gifts for him that we sell:

    Valentine’s Day for him cards

    We sell Valentine’s Day themed t-shirts, jumpers, and tank tops for men. You’ll find items with Simpsons references, memes from The Office, Star Wars, the legend that is Mike Tyson, and tons more. There’s something for every self-respecting bloke.

    Valentine’s Day for men mugs

    As unapologetic caffeine addicts, almost every male Aussie needs their coffee or tea fix in the morning. And what better way to express your undying love than with a personalised Valentine’s Day mug that tells your man that you want to touch his butt all the time. Or a mug that reminds him that he’s your hunk of spunk. Maybe a mug that reminds him that you love him more than Kanye loves Kanye. The list goes on. They’re all funny and your partner will love them.


    Puzzles are a great way to bond with your adorable man, and you can do so with a love-themed specimen that features Big Barry, Bob Ross, or even your own custom-designed puzzle that shows the two of you in a delicious embrace. Or maybe you slamming a pie into his head. Whatever best expresses love for the two of you.


    Not the most traditional of Valentine’s Day gifts, but even stinky blokes are required to freshen up from time to time. We sell soaps in the shapes of v**ginas, d**ks, glory hole soaps, and even a bar of soap that smells like bacon. Just make sure he doesn’t try to eat any of them.


    Our funny Valentine’s Day stickers can be stuck onto your fridge, car, computer monitor, or anywhere that you want to display your love to the world. To be clear, they’re not soppy in the slightest, but deliciously filthy, as we hope you might expect from our products.

    Stubby Coolers

    At any given time of the day, at least 10,000 Australian men are drinking beer. Ok, we just made that up, but it’s probably correct. Not a single one of these men are likely to say “I’m enjoying drinking this warm beer,” which is one of the reasons we created our collection of funny stubby coolers, which includes a bunch of Valentine’s Day themed items that can be the perfect gift for your man on the 14th of Feb.

    FAQs | Valentine’s Day gifts for him

    • 1. Can I return my Valentine’s Day gift?

      If you change your mind about your Valentine’s Day gift for your man, you can return it to us within 14 days of buying it. It needs to be in the same condition as when you bought it (i.e. perfect), and accompanied by a proof of purchase. If those conditions are met, we will happily refund your order.

    • 2. How long will it take for my gift to arrive?

      We have a couple of different shipping options for our gifts, which are:
      Standard shipping—this usually takes between four to eight business days to arrive, but you’ll also need to include one to four days for us to print the product (if applicable).
      Express shipping—this option is faster, and takes between two to three business days. Again, you’ll need a buffer of one to four days for us to print the item.
      As you’d expect, Valentine’s Day is really busy for us, so we recommend ordering your lady’s gift as early as you can to offset potential delays. We obviously get our products out ASAP when we receive orders, but we can’t predict or control delays in the postal service.

    • 3. What is your rudest Valentine’s Day gift for him?

      Our rudest Valentine’s Day gift is probably our enormous d**k-shaped soap. You can imagine the movement required to lather it, and the shock when your husband’s mum accidentally walks into the bathroom and catches him doing it.