Father’s Day T-shirts

    Dads love graphic tees. It’s a fact. And luckily for you, Spicy Baboon has got a huge selection of Father’s Day t-shirts, in designs that cover everything from memes, to pop culture, to really bad dad jokes.

    All designed by our clever team of in-house baboons, there’s one for every dad – no matter his sense of humour, favourite movie, or type of dad bod.

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    Best Dad Guarantee 🔨 - Men's T ShirtBest Dad Guarantee 🔨 - Men's T Shirt

    Best Dad Guarantee 🔨 - Men's T Shirt

    Sale priceFrom $37.95

    4 colors available

    Hi Hungry, I'm Dad 🍔 - Men's T ShirtHi Hungry, I'm Dad 🍔 - Men's T Shirt

    Hi Hungry, I'm Dad 🍔 - Men's T Shirt

    Sale priceFrom $37.95

    4 colors available

    Hammerbarn 🔨 - Men's T ShirtHammerbarn 🔨 - Men's T Shirt

    Hammerbarn 🔨 - Men's T Shirt

    Sale priceFrom $37.95

    4 colors available

    Farts & Flatuence 🏆💨 - Men's T ShirtFarts & Flatuence 🏆💨 - Men's T Shirt

    Farts & Flatuence 🏆💨 - Men's T Shirt

    Sale priceFrom $37.95

    4 colors available

    SportsDad 💸📺 - Men's T ShirtSportsDad 💸📺 - Men's T Shirt

    SportsDad 💸📺 - Men's T Shirt

    Sale priceFrom $37.95

    4 colors available

    CAT Dad 🚧🏗 - Men's T ShirtCAT Dad 🚧🏗 - Men's T Shirt

    Dirt Dad 🚧🏗 - Men's T Shirt

    Sale priceFrom $37.95

    4 colors available

    Master Baiter 🎣 - Men's T ShirtMaster Baiter 🎣 - Men's T Shirt

    Master Baiter 🎣 - Men's T Shirt

    Sale priceFrom $37.95

    4 colors available

    D.I.L.F 🐟 - Men's T ShirtD.I.L.F 🐟 - Men's T Shirt

    D.I.L.F 🐟 - Men's T Shirt

    Sale priceFrom $37.95

    4 colors available

    CBF ⛺🚤🎣 - Men's T ShirtCBF ⛺🚤🎣 - Men's T Shirt

    CBF ⛺🚤🎣 - Men's T Shirt

    Sale priceFrom $37.95

    4 colors available

    Stumpfest 🪓 - Men's T ShirtStumpfest 🪓 - Men's T Shirt

    Stumpfest 🪓 - Men's T Shirt

    Sale priceFrom $37.95

    4 colors available

    Jurassic Dad 🦖 - Men's T ShirtJurassic Dad 🦖 - Men's T Shirt

    Jurassic Dad 🦖 - Men's T Shirt

    Sale priceFrom $37.95

    4 colors available

    Superbroke Car guy 🚗💸 – Men's T ShirtSuperbroke Car guy 🚗💸 – Men's T Shirt

    Superbroke Car guy 🚗💸 – Men's T Shirt

    Sale priceFrom $37.95

    4 colors available

    Eat Sleep Punt Repeat 🏇 - Men's T ShirtEat Sleep Punt Repeat 🏇 - Men's T Shirt

    Eat Sleep Punt Repeat 🏇 - Men's T Shirt

    Sale priceFrom $37.95

    4 colors available

    The Rodfather 🎣 - Men's T ShirtThe Rodfather 🎣 - Men's T Shirt

    The Rodfather 🎣 - Men's T Shirt

    Sale priceFrom $37.95

    4 colors available

    Make Your Own 👕 - Unisex T-shirtMake Your Own 👕 - Unisex T-shirt

    Make Your Own 👕 - Unisex T-shirt

    Sale price$48.95

    6 colors available

    Top Dad 🕶️ - Men's T ShirtTop Dad 🕶️ - Men's T Shirt

    Top Dad 🕶️ - Men's T Shirt

    Sale priceFrom $37.95

    4 colors available

    Sexy And I Mow It 😘 🌾 – Men's T ShirtSexy And I Mow It 😘 🌾 – Men's T Shirt

    Sexy And I Mow It 😘 🌾 – Men's T Shirt

    Sale priceFrom $37.95

    4 colors available

    May Contain Alcohol 🍺 - Men's T ShirtMay Contain Alcohol 🍺 - Men's T Shirt

    May Contain Alcohol 🍺 - Men's T Shirt

    Sale priceFrom $37.95

    4 colors available

    Super Daddio ⭐🍄 – Men's T ShirtSuper Daddio ⭐🍄 – Men's T Shirt

    Super Daddio ⭐🍄 – Men's T Shirt

    Sale priceFrom $37.95

    4 colors available

    Certified Ziptie Mechanic 🔧 – Men's T ShirtCertified Ziptie Mechanic 🔧 – Men's T Shirt

    Certified Ziptie Mechanic 🔧 – Men's T Shirt

    Sale priceFrom $37.95

    4 colors available

    Dadco 🔧💨 – Men's T ShirtDadco 🔧💨 – Men's T Shirt

    Dadco 🔧💨 – Men's T Shirt

    Sale priceFrom $37.95

    4 colors available

    Best Dad in the Galaxy 🌌 - Men's T ShirtBest Dad in the Galaxy 🌌 - Men's T Shirt

    Best Dad in the Galaxy 🌌 - Men's T Shirt

    Sale priceFrom $37.95

    4 colors available

    Reel Cool Dad 🎣 - Men's T ShirtReel Cool Dad 🎣 - Men's T Shirt

    Reel Cool Dad 🎣 - Men's T Shirt

    Sale priceFrom $37.95

    4 colors available

    Pull My Finger 👉 – Men's T ShirtPull My Finger 👉 – Men's T Shirt

    Vader Pull My Finger 🌌👉 – Men's T Shirt

    Sale priceFrom $37.95

    4 colors available

    The History of Father’s Day

    In case you didn’t know, Aussie Father’s Day falls on the first Sunday in September. But did you know that it was originally celebrated in June?

    Both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day started in the US in the early 1900s, first with Anna Jarvis’ Mother’s Day sermons and then with Sonora Smart Dodd’s push for a dad equivalent.

    You see, Sonora’s dad was a bit of a legend. When her mum died, he’d thrown himself into raising her and her FIVE brothers as a single parent, and she thought it was only right he got a special day too. And she wasn’t bloody wrong!

    So, Sonora reached out to the Spokane Ministerial Alliance and, in 1910, they started doing Father’s Day sermons on the third Sunday in June.

    Father’s Day took a little longer to catch on than Mother’s Day, mainly because of some old-fashioned ideas about sentiment and emotion being for weak women and not for manly men. Happily, society pushed past that, and now heaps of countries have their own day for celebrating fathers and father figures.

    And how did we wind up with a September Father’s Day in Australia? Well, no one really knows. But the most likely idea is that it spread the holidays out a little better – it’s now right between Mother’s Day and Christmas, so it’s easier for people and businesses to plan for. Sure, it’s not the most sentimental of reasons, but it’s a practical one – and don’t all dads love a practical solution?

    Why buy from Spicy Baboon?

    Did we invent Father’s Day t-shirts? No, of course we didn’t. But we did invent OUR Father’s Day t-shirts, and we’ve got a whole bunch of reasons why you should choose Spicy Baboon for all your gifting needs.

    1. We’re hilarious

    Our team of creative baboons invite you to take a walk on the spicier side of life, blending memes, pop culture, and the very best (read: very worst) dad jokes and puns into a collection of gifts that will have Dad guffawing on Father’s Day. Will everyone else laugh? Probably not, but that’s part of the reason why they’re perfect for Dads.

    2. We use high quality materials for our Father’s Day t-shirts

    We design our products to last, including our t-shirts and tank tops. Our shirts are 100% combed cotton, with crew necks and double stitched hems, and they’re pre-shrunk to minimise shrinkage in the wash – something Mum will probably be grateful for too! We also offer a variety of colours and sizes, as well as multiple options for design placement, so you can customise your shirt to perfectly suit your dad!

    3. Our range is huge

    We’re so much more than hilarious t-shirts! We’ve got you covered from everything from mugs, to cards, to stubby holders, to personalised jigsaw puzzles, with many of our designs available on a variety of items. And we’re not just for dads – there’s a Spicy Baboon gift for every holiday (and every weird relative).

    4. We offer excellent value for money

    The team here at Spicy Baboon have worked hard to build some great relationships with our suppliers, which means we’re able to offer our high-quality gifts at very competitive prices. We might be the only people who love a good deal more than your dad!

    5. We’re an Australian company

    Supporting Aussie businesses and buying as local as you can is a great way to support our economy. Choosing to shop with Spicy Baboon means you’re backing a 100% Australian business, with Aussie designers, Aussie printers, and an Aussie HQ, right here in sunny Brisbane!

    Father’s Day T-shirts - Our unique designs

    Ready for a Father’s Day t-shirt fashion show? Here’s a few of our favourites Father’s Day t-shirt designs. !

    Remember that many of our tees and tanks are available in a variety of colours, and our size range covers every type of dad bod! You can even personalise your Father’s Day t shirt and change up the design position, choosing from a front, back, or front AND back print.

    Best Dad Guarantee

    There’s nothing like a weekend trip to a certain DIY store. Perusing the aisles, refusing to ask for help because “Dad knows best”, and wrapping the whole visit up with a sneaky sausage sizzle and a can of Solo. The only improvement we can think of is the addition of this shirt, paying tribute to both the iconic store and your iconic dad. Dad not really one for DIY? We’ve also got Superbroke Car Guy, CBF, and DadCo tanks and tees, so no matter where Dad prefers to spend his Sundays (and your inheritance), there’s a shirt for him!

    Hi Hungry, I’m Dad

    The OG, the GOAT, the Daddy of all Dad Jokes. Imagine your dad rocking this one at a BBQ, just hovering by the grill, waiting for someone, anyone to utter the immortal lines that will kickstart the most iconic exchange in dad joke history. Do you want to deprive him of that? Do you? REALLY? Buy the shirt, man. Give him what he wants. NAY, give him what he needs.

    Vader Pull My Finger

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… dads were still trying to get their kids to pull their fingers. Combining two of Dad’s favourite things – farting and Star Wars – the force is strong with this t-shirt. For your sake, we hope it’s not so strong with Dad’s farts…

    Master Baiter

    We’re willing to bet that your dad likes fishing. And even if he doesn’t, he probably likes a pun. He’ll get the best of both worlds with our Master Baiter t-shirt, just don’t be surprised if Mum bans him from wearing anywhere except fishing trips with the boys. For more spicy fishing puns, check out our D.I.L.F t-shirt (it stands for Damn, I Love Fishing – get your mind out of the gutter!) or The Rodfather, which pays homage to two of the GOATs – your dad and The Godfather.

    Top Dad

    Some things in life are inevitable. Death, taxes, and your dad quoting Top Gun the moment he’s anywhere near a pair of Aviators. If your dad has got the need, the need for speed, and fancies himself a bit of a Maverick, our Top Dad collection will be right up his alley. Available in both a tee and a tank top – perfect for volleyball on the beach. IYKYK.

    Jurassic Dad

    Hey, remember when you were four years old and your dad showed you Jurassic Park because you’d showed an interest in dinosaurs and you ended up developing a lifelong fear of velociraptors, commercial kitchens, and being in a car during the rain? No? Just us? Okay.

    Well, either way, we reckon there’s a whole lot of dads who are going to love our Jurassic Dad t-shirt. Life, it seems, did find a way and, luckily for ol’ Dad, parenthood turned out to be a real walk in the park. Yep, easiest thing he ever did. 10/10. Would recommend to a friend.

    Dad Bod

    Ah, the glorious Dad Bod! Dads of the World, show off your squishy bits with pride – they’re proof that you put the kids first, and truly earned those weekend beers. But whether Dad’s rocking a beer belly or is a chiselled hunk of spunk who spends a heap of time at the gym, the only criteria for a dad bod is that it has to be a dad’s bod! You can also get this one in a tank version so Dad can really show those guns off!

    Daddy Shark

    Honestly, we only included this one so the song would get stuck in your head. Sorry not sorry. Altogether now: DADDY SHARK DOO DOO DOO DOO DOO DOO!

    Looking for something different - Personalised Father’s Day T-Shirts

    None of our t-shirt designs hitting the mark? Why not design your own? If graphic design is your passion (or even if it’s not – that might actually make for a funnier shirt), put together your own t-shirt design and send it our way. We’ll print it directly onto one of our high-quality shirts and you’ll be able to gift Dad a truly one-of-a-kind gift.

    And why stop at a t-shirt? We can also print your pic onto a mugs, hoodies, stubby holders, mouse pads, and more! Give Dad his own collection!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • 1. Who makes your Father’s Day t-shirts?

      Our team of slightly smelly but very talented baboons create all our designs right out of our Brisbane HQ. They’re fully qualified to bring you the very best in Father’s Day wit, with extensive knowledge of memes, puns, and bad dad jokes.
      Does an office full of baboons smell awful after a long day? Yeah, sure. But is it worth it to know we’re bringing you some of the spiciest, funniest designs for Father’s Day? … yeah, we guess.

    • 2. Can I return my Father’s Day t-shirt?

      If something’s wrong with your order, or if it’s arrived and you don’t think Dad is going to love it, please contact us within 14 days of receiving it and we’ll help make it right.
      As long as the item hasn’t been used or damaged, we should be able to organise an exchange or a refund, with return postage at the buyer’s expense.
      If you’ve ordered a personalised item, we won’t be able to offer a refund unless the item is broken or damaged, so be sure to check your order carefully before purchasing.

    • 3. How long will it take for my order to arrive?

      Once we receive your order, our baboons will prepare and ship your products within 2-4 days from Brisbane, Australia. All our products are sent via Australia Post.
      Within in Australia, standard shipping usually takes four to eight business days to arrive. If you need your gifts a little faster, you can upgrade to express shipping which should get your order to you within two to three business days. These are metro area estimates – if you’re ordering from a rural area, postage will likely take a little longer.
      The orders come in thick and fast in the run-up to specific holidays (including Father’s Day), so our baboons are often very busy around this time. That’s why we recommend getting your orders in as early as possible to avoid disappointment. A lot of our designs are available year-round, so why not plan ahead? Dad would be proud!

    • 4. What are your shipping rates?

      We offer flat rate shipping to our Australian and NZ customers, with free delivery over $99 for the Aussies! (We gotchu, besties)
      • Standard Shipping (4-8 Business days) = $8.95 • Express Shipping (2-3 Business days) = $12.95
      New Zealand: • Standard Shipping (8-15 Business days) = $15.00

    • 5. Do you ship internationally?

      Absolutely! Unfortunately, we can’t offer flat rates as shipping costs and estimated delivery time frames are dependent on which country we’re sending our products to, but fill up that cart and we’ll do the maths for you!

      As mentioned earlier, we get much busier as certain holidays approach, including Father’s Day, and things like postal and customs delays are very much out of our control, so be sure to order well ahead of time for any international deliveries.

    • 6. Can I pick-up my order?

      You sure can – if you’re based in Brisbane and fancy skipping out on postage fees, simply select ‘Pick Up’ as your delivery method at checkout. Once our baboons have done their thing and put your order together, we’ll send you an email letting you know it’s ready to collect, along with some instructions on what to do when you reach our Woolloongabba HQ.

    • 7. How can I get in touch with Spicy Baboon?

      The fastest way to reach us is by phone. Give us a call or a text on 0484663060 and we should be able to help you out.
      Our phones are manned on weekdays 9 am- 4 pm – outside these hours (or if you’re a Millennial who hates talking on the phone), you can reach us via email at support@spicybaboon.com