Kris Kringle gifts under $10

Looking for Christmas gifts under $10? We’ve got you covered. Our selection of affordable Kris Kringle pressies are not only great value, they’ll also bring a smirk to the face of whoever you’re giving it to. We feature some of the funniest internet memes, quotes, and instantly-recognisable celebrities to give people a laugh and make their Christmas super-fun.

Our Kris Kringle gifts under $10 are suited to anyone in your party—your workmates, old man, mum, your grown kids, most people with a good sense of humour! You won’t find a plain product in our catalogue—we’re all about tickling people’s ribs on Christmas with something a little risque. Our customers love our $10 Secret Santa gifts, which is why they keep coming back every December for more. Check out our full catalogue below.