Christmas Gift Ideas

    Looking for Christmas gift ideas that are a bit naughty and mischievous? Spicy Baboon is what you need! We have a ton of Christmas present ideas that are designed to make people laugh, from inappropriate stubby coolers to hoodies that feature Xmas favourites like

    Kevin McCallister and John McClane. We also have plenty of calendars, t-shirts, mugs, jigsaw puzzles, and of course, loads of funny Christmas cards.

    It can be hard trying to find a good pressie for Christmas, which is why we create Christmas gifts that we know will get a laugh, time and time again. Our Xmas gift ideas feature some of the most popular jokes, quotes, and memes that you’ll recognise from TV shows, movies, and social media. And they’re all wrapped up in a single page for you to browse: hundreds of Christmas present ideas for 2022 that will make your family snort and grin and spill their booze onto your freshly oiled deck.