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Behold our gargantuan collection of novelty gifts! We have Big Barry lightswitch stickers, spicy colouring books, bath wine holders, the spiciest trivia in town, and lots more awesome novelty gifts, which can brighten the day on any occasion!

As true-blue Aussies, we pay homage to our ridiculous and inappropriate sense of humour by designing some of Australia’s naughtiest and most hilarious novelty gifts, featuring some of the funniest internet memes, celebrities, and other treasures from our culture. You’ll recognise most of them immediately, and they make a cracking gift for your friends and family.

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Dogs Pooping in 'Australian' Beautiful Places 💩🐶 - 2024 CalendarDogs Pooping in 'Australian' Beautiful Places 💩🐶 - 2024 Calendar
Prescription Wine Bottle Labels 🍷 -  StickerPrescription Wine Bottle Labels 🍷 -  Sticker
Bath Wine - Stick On Wine HolderBath Wine - Stick On Wine Holder
F-Bomb 🤬 - Bath BombF-Bomb 🤬 - Bath Bomb

F-Bomb 🤬 - Bath Bomb

Sale price$14.95
Golden Male Body 🧼- Hand SoapGolden Male Body 🧼- Hand Soap
The Big Book Of Wood 🐓🍆🖍️ - Adult Colouring BookThe Big Book Of Wood 🐓🍆🖍️ - Adult Colouring Book
Aussie Mums 👩🖍️ - Adult Colouring BookAussie Mums 👩🖍️ - Adult Colouring Book
Swear Words 🤬🖍️ - Adult Colouring BookSwear Words 🤬🖍️ - Adult Colouring Book
Parenting Pens 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🖊️ - Funny PensParenting Pens - Funny Pens
Secret Ingredient 🧂 - ApronSecret Ingredient 🧂 - Apron
Best Mum Guarantee 🔨🖱️ - Mouse PadBest Mum Guarantee 🔨🖱️ - Mouse Pad
Best Mum 🏆🖱️ - Mouse PadBest Mum 🏆🖱️ - Mouse Pad
Best Mum/Grandma/Step Mum Search Result 🖱️ - Personalised Mouse PadBest Mum/Grandma/Step Mum Search Result 🖱️ - Personalised Mouse Pad
Hornbag 😈🖱️ - Mouse padHornbag 😈🖱️ - Mouse pad
I Love My A$$hole Kids ❤️🖱️ - Mouse padI Love My A$$hole Kids ❤️🖱️ - Mouse pad
Make Your Own Mouse PadMake Your Own Mouse Pad
Mum's Little 💩's - Personalised Mouse PadMum's Little 💩's - Personalised Mouse Pad
Snacks! 🍬🍪🖱️ – Mouse PadSnacks! 🍬🍪🖱️ – Mouse Pad
Spicy Trivia  🐵❓ - 1st Edition Aussie Trivia GameSpicy Trivia  🐵❓ - 1st Edition Aussie Trivia Game
Naughty Nature 🌵🍑 - 2024 CalendarNaughty Nature 🌵🍑 - 2024 Calendar
Humping Animals 🐦🐝 - 2024 CalendarHumping Animals 🐦🐝 - 2024 Calendar
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Cute Cat Butts 🐱🍑 - 2024 CalendarCute Cat Butts 🐱🍑 - 2024 Calendar
Cute Puppies Prank 🐶😈 - 2024 CalendarCute Puppies Prank 🐶😈 - 2024 Calendar
Big Barry 🍆- 2024 CalendarBig Barry 🍆- 2024 Calendar

Our Novelty Christmas gifts

We create new novelty Christmas gifts every year for our customers, so keep an eye on our collection for newcomers. But here are the current items we have in our collection:

Rooster shaped valve caps

When we say “rooster,” you know what we’re talking about. Plonk one of these vibrant pink, blue, red, or other roosters onto your buddy’s tyre valve and watch as it gloriously rotates away in some kind of circular d**k frenzy. Observe the faces of bystanders as your unsuspecting friend tries to figure out what the hell people are laughing at.

Big Barry light switch sticker

Ahh, Big Barry. The unsuspecting meme celebrity with the enormous rooster. We created a light switch sticker of this magnificent man, with the switch itself covering you-know-what, so that people have no choice but to push their finger into it if they want any kind of illumination.

Bath wine holder

What’s more relaxing than a nice hot bath during Winter? We’ll tell you what—drinking a glass of the Hunter Valley’s finest while doing so, and being able to grab that glass directly from the wall. Terrific. We have stubby holder versions too, for the blokes.

Cricket noise prank

Ahh, the beauty of the male reproductive system. Women and men across the planet admire it, some even claim to enjoy it. So why not turn it into a ceramic plant holder for you to plonk onto your lovely garden table?

Retro gaming console

This pressie isn’t irreverent like most of our gifts, but it’s damn fun. Transport your dad back to his younger years with some of the most iconic video games from the 80s, including Bomberman, Mortal Kombat, and 616 more.

Stubby Holders

Men should abide by one ironclad rule: keep your beer cold at all times. And our stubby holders are just the thing for your Secret Santa. They can chuck their beer into it and then slide into the pool like some kind of drunk elephant seal. Just warn them not to squash your youngest.

Unique Christmas gifts in Australia—our products are original and hilarious!

The festive season is upon us again! And what better way to get into the spirit than with one of our unique Australian Christmas gifts? When Xmas day finally arrives, and your family are gathered in your house, sculling booze and getting all merry, you’ll want your presents to be as funny and as ridiculous as possible, because nobody ever said “I know…let’s have a serious Xmas this year!”

As your uncle Pat tears tips his stubby holder neck tie, you’ll want to witness his foolish smirk when he puts it on and then plonks a beer into it. As your sister opens the geniusly-crafted d**k shaped bath bomb you bought for her, you’ll want to nudge her and confirm that it’s not for “personal use,” because that’s how funny you are (not predictable, funny). When your canine-loving cousin rips open her calendar and realises that it’s 12 glorious pictures of dogs pooping in beautiful places, you’ll definitely want to film it for social media.

We design our presents to bring a little more fun, rudeness, and absurdity to Christmas day, with the impish Aussie attitude that we all know and love. Our novelty gifts are dirty, rude, insolent, and absolutely hilarious. They make the ideal stocking filler for your family and friends.

Novelty gifts that will crack people up

Here at Spicy Baboon, we’re proud of the Christmas gifts that we make. The festive period is one of our busiest, and our products fly off their metaphorical shelves. Here are five good reasons why our products are awesome:

They’re Funny

Spicy Baboon’s collection of novelty gifts cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. We are the only company that manufactures and distributes our products, and are proud to say that we make people’s Christmas’ a little bit funnier. Life is tough, and we all need a laugh to keep going. Laughter happens to be an incredibly healthy thing for you to do. It relieves stress, improves your mood, boosts your immune system, and has loads of other health benefits that remind us how important it is. Our novelty gifts may be utterly absurd, but they make people laugh and help to improve their health in the process. We say that’s crucial.

Among our collection of unique novelty Christmas gifts you’ll find rude stickers, genital-shaped soaps, toilet timers that encourage your dad to stop looking at his phone and hurry up with his sh**ting, buttons that blurt out horrendous Trump quotes, cards that explode with prank butterflies, and a hell of a lot more. They’re one-of-a-kind, and make Christmas a little weirder, quirkier, and funnier.

We use the highest quality materials for our Christmas novelty gifts

We only use top quality materials for our novelty Christmas gifts. If you’re going to scare the bejesus out of your old man with one of our clown camera pranks, we want you to be able to take it off and then scare someone else with it. If you’ve purchased our silicon stubby holder for your buddy’s shower, we make sure that the sucker stays on the wall for plenty of beers, and doesn’t fall apart when a splash of water hits it. If you’ve cleverly invested in a red minky v***ina-shaped hand soap for your lovely girlfriend, we make sure that she can wash her hands hundreds of times before it’s done.

Whenever we start designing a new product, we track down the materials that will give us the best value for our money. That means they need to be tough, durable, and allow us to create affordable novelty Christmas gifts that last for years. We test all of our products thoroughly to make sure they hold up to plenty of use. If they don’t, we go back to the drawing board. That’s just one reason why our customers love our novelty gifts—they’re funny and they last.

Why buy a novelty Christmas gift from Spicy Baboon?

Why wouldn’t you buy a novelty Christmas gift from Spicy Baboon?! If you really need to be persuaded though, here are five excellent reasons why our products are a good purchase:

They’re funny. Really funny

They say that laughter is the best medicine, and given how good laughter can be for your health (see above), we think that’s pretty on the money. When you’re ripping open pressies on Christmas morning, or watching your workmate tear open their Kris Kringle gift, you’ll feel happy in the knowledge that your Spicy Baboon product will not only make them laugh, it will also improve their health. Who would have thought that a novelty c**k shaped soap bar would have health benefits?

They are tough and durable

every one of Spicy Baboon’s products are made from top-quality materials. We want people to enjoy and appreciate them for long periods—many many Christmases. So we create them with quality in mind, and put them through a rigorous testing process to be absolutely sure of their durability. This goes for every product we make, from our naughty naked planters to our bacon-scented hand soaps.

Some of them are useful

We’re not going to sit here and tell you that every one of our products is useful. The Big Barry sticker isn’t going to help people in any way, but it will damn sure make them laugh. However, the calendars that we sell can definitely be put to good use. As can our naughty planters, our bath bombs, our retro gaming consoles, and loads more.

They are excellent value for money

If we’re being honest, we know that most of you will buy one of our novelty products because you want everyone to think you’re hilarious. Don’t be ashamed of this. Being funny is brilliant. You can’t put a price on it, and that makes our products great value for money. Add this to the fact that our novelty gifts are affordable, and you have a recipe for Christmas success.

We are an Australian company

Supporting a local Australian business will not only help to strengthen the economy, but you’ll also be helping the environment by cutting out carbon-heavy global shipping methods. Both of these are important. A strong Aussie economy creates jobs, improves public services, and improves our quality of life overall. And supporting a healthy environment needs no explanation—our planet is struggling with climate change, and every little action helps.

Novelty gifts — FAQs

  • 1. Can I return my Spicy Baboon item?

    We accept returns for all of our Spicy Baboon items, provided they are returned within 14 days, and in the same condition as when they were sent. Unfortunately we can’t accept a half-used c**k-shaped candles, calendars with notes on them, Epstein ornaments that have been half chewed by the dog, or any of our other products that have been damaged or used.
    To return an item, we also need confirmation of your purchase, such as an email receipt.

  • 2. How long will it take for my gift to arrive?

    We have two unique shipping options for our gifts, one for those who are well-organised, and one for the last-minute buyers (we see you):
    These are the shipping times for both options:
    Express shipping—2 - 3 business days (plus 1 - 4 business days for production time)
    Standard shipping—4 - 8 business days (plus 1 - 4 business days for production time)
    We try to get our products made and shipped as quickly as possible, but we strongly recommend ordering early to avoid disappointment. We can’t anticipate delays with couriers, and rural locations can take slightly longer to ship to. Please order early!

  • 3. What is your rudest novelty Christmas gift?

    We have some pretty rude novelty Christmas gifts, but our favourite is the pocket rocket hand-y soap. It’s just so gloriously-huge and in your face, and you can imagine what people have to do to actually wash their hands with it. Or if the pocket rocket finds itself in your family’s bathroom, it’s probably best not to imagine that.