Father's Day Gifts

    Looking for that perfect Father’s Day gift? Sick of gift guides filled with monogrammed fountain pens, hella expensive whiskey, and technology that would confuse YOU, let alone your dad? Well, have we got good news for you!

    If your dad is more sausage sizzles and stubbies than cigars and steaks, you’ve come to the right place. Spicy Baboon is dedicated to creating unique Father’s Day gifts that celebrate what we really love about our dads – dad bods, dad jokes, and all!

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    I'll Feed All You 🍽️ - ApronI'll Feed All You 🍽️ - Apron
    Hi Hungry, I'm Dad 🍔 - ApronHi Hungry, I'm Dad 🍔 - Apron
    The Grillfather 🥩 - ApronThe Grillfather 🥩 - Apron
    Shower Beer Holder (Icon) - Silicon Drink HolderShower Beer Holder (Icon) - Silicon Drink Holder
    Shower Beer - Silicon Stubby HolderShower Beer - Silicon Stubby Holder


    Sale price$26.95
    Best Dad Guarantee 🔨 - Stubby HolderBest Dad Guarantee 🔨 - Stubby Holder
    Best Dad Guarantee 🔨 - Coffee MugBest Dad Guarantee 🔨 - Coffee Mug
    Best Dad Guarantee 🔨 - Large Bar MatBest Dad Guarantee 🔨 - Large Bar Mat
    Best Dad Guarantee 🔨 - Large Bottle OpenerBest Dad Guarantee 🔨 - Large Bottle Opener
    Best Dad Guarantee 🔨 - Longneck Stubby HolderBest Dad Guarantee 🔨 - Longneck Stubby Holder
    Best Dad Guarantee 🔨 - Men's T ShirtBest Dad Guarantee 🔨 - Men's T Shirt

    Best Dad Guarantee 🔨 - Men's T Shirt

    Sale priceFrom $37.95

    4 colors available

    Best Dad Guarantee 🔨 - StickerBest Dad Guarantee 🔨 - Sticker
    Best Dad Guarantee 🔨 - TankBest Dad Guarantee 🔨 - Tank

    Best Dad Guarantee 🔨 - Tank

    Sale price$38.95

    3 colors available

    Best Dad Guarantee 🔨 - Tape MeasureBest Dad Guarantee 🔨 - Tape Measure
    Best Dad Guarantee 🔨 - Unisex HoodieBest Dad Guarantee 🔨 - Unisex Hoodie

    Best Dad Guarantee 🔨 - Unisex Hoodie

    Sale price$59.95

    4 colors available

    Super Daddio ⭐🍄 - Personalised Coffee MugSuper Daddio ⭐🍄 - Personalised Coffee Mug
    Super Daddio ⭐🍄 - Personalised Mouse Pad1 Name Super Daddio ⭐🍄 - Personalised Mouse Pad
    3 Names Super Daddio ⭐🍄 - Personalised Stubby Holder4 Names Super Daddio ⭐🍄 - Personalised Stubby Holder
    Super Daddio ⭐🍄 –  TankSuper Daddio ⭐🍄 –  Tank

    Super Daddio ⭐🍄 – Tank

    Sale price$38.95

    3 colors available

    Super Daddio ⭐🍄 – Coffee MugSuper Daddio ⭐🍄 – Coffee Mug
    Super Daddio ⭐🍄 – Hat  🧢Super Daddio ⭐🍄 – Hat  🧢
    Super Daddio ⭐🍄 – Men's T ShirtSuper Daddio ⭐🍄 – Men's T Shirt

    Super Daddio ⭐🍄 – Men's T Shirt

    Sale priceFrom $37.95

    4 colors available

    Hang on a minute, when is Father’s Day?

    In Australia, Father’s Day falls on the first Sunday in September.

    Not to plug our own products too soon, but we sell calendars. Buying one might help. Remember when your dad forgot his wedding anniversary? Yeah, yikes. Don’t be like that. Buy a calendar. Or at least write it down somewhere.

    History of Father’s Day

    Alright, so we did some research, and it turns out that Father’s Day, much like Mother’s Day, began in the US in the early 1900s. Celebrations honouring dads had popped up throughout history, but in 1910 a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd in Spokane, Washington decided to push for a permanent day.

    After her mother died, her father had raised six kids by himself, and Sonora thought that was worth a shout-out. After hearing about the Mother’s Day sermons organised by Anna Jarvis, Sonora went to the Spokane Ministerial Alliance and suggested they do the same for dads. She wanted the day to fall on June 5th, her father’s birthday, but the Alliance eventually settled on the third Sunday in June.

    The concept was a little slower to catch on than Mother’s Day. All those old-fashioned ideas about what it meant to be a man and a father were kinda at odds with a day designed to celebrate how much we love them. It’s kinda sad, when you think about it.

    But gradually, things started to shift and, here in Australia, we finally settled on a September date for Father’s Day. While the official reason for this change in date is unknown, it’s generally thought to be for financial reasons. Aussie Father’s Day sits right between Mother’s Day and Christmas, meaning we’ve got time to save up for all three! That’s some financial planning that Dad would be proud of.

    Why buy Father’s Day Gifts from Spicy Baboon?

    While we’re sure some dads love traditional Father’s Day gifts, our goal has always been to provide options that have a little more edge. Y’know, for the cool dads. That’s where our crack squad of talented baboons come in. They create all of our designs right here at our Brisbane HQ, blending memes, pop culture, and a wicked sense of humour to bring you the best Father’s Day gifts with just the right amount of sass.

    But since you found your way here all on your own (well done, mate), you probably already knew that didn’t you? So why else should you get your Father’s Day gifts from us?

    1. We use high quality materials for all our products

    We want to make sure that your gifts last for as long as possible, so we’re only using the good stuff. Dad might be able to fix just about anything, but we’re here to make sure that he doesn’t have to!

    Our clothing is 100% combed cotton, secured with double needle hems and pre-shrunk. It also comes in a great range of sizes, to cover every type of dad bod.

    Our cards are printed on high-grade paper, using quality ink, meaning Dad will be able to display them proudly on his desk/mantlepiece/work bench/in his car/the bathroom… we don’t know your dad, he can put them wherever he wants.

    Our mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe, printed onto porcelain with quality inks. Perfect for standing outside with a cup of coffee, looking out over a perfectly manicured lawn. Just dad things, y’know?

    We’d go on, but you get the idea – our products are pretty bloody ripper!

    2. Our range is huge

    From cards to t-shirts, aprons to stubby holders, and stickers to bar mats, we’ve got the most unique gifts for Father's Day for every dad. Many of our designs can be slapped onto a multitude of gifts, and we can even personalise some of them too, just so Dad doesn’t forget who absolutely NAILED the gifts this year.

    3. We offer excellent value for money

    We know dads love a good deal, and the Spicy Baboon team have made sure our gifts are no exception. We’ve worked our big red baboon butts off to build great relationships with our suppliers. That means we get good prices and THAT means YOU get good prices too. It’s just good business, mate.

    4. We’re an Australian company

    Supporting Aussie businesses and buying as local as you can is a great way to support our economy. Choosing to shop with Spicy Baboon means you’re backing a 100% Australian business, with Aussie designers, Aussie printers, and an Aussie HQ, right here in sunny Brisbane!

    Personalised Father’s Day Gifts

    Need a bit of gift inspo? Here’s some of our favourite customisable options for Father’s Day gifts!

    Personalised Father's Day mugs

    Our mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe, printed onto porcelain with quality inks. Ideal for standing outside with a cup of coffee, looking out over a perfectly manicured lawn or, depending on how Dad’s office will react, using as pen storage on his work desk so everyone can see just how loved he is.

    Trump Approves Your Dad

    Is your dad a great dad? Very special? Very strong? Really terrific? Give him the thumbs up from the 45th President of the United States of America with this personalised covfefe (if you know, you know) mug. Simply tell us your dad’s name when ordering and we’ll whack it right on there!

    Legendary Dad

    Our Legendary Dad mugs come in three options – Sports, Outdoors, and Trophy – so there’s bound to be one perfect for your papa. Send us your best (or worst, we could use the laughs) photo of your dad and we’ll print it onto a Legendary Dad mug of your choosing. This design is also available on a stubby cooler, so you might as well grab one of each and make sure Dad always knows how good he is, no matter what he’s drinking.

    Favourite Child Father’s Day

    Looking for a gift that will make things a little awkward when Dad opens it? LOOK NO FURTHER! Not only will your own face be front and centre, right where Dad can look upon it in wonder at the beauty he has created, but you’ll also be able to add photos of up to three siblings too, all with a big line through them so they know their place in the family pecking order. We recommend using especially ugly photos of them, just for extra effect. And also because we love to see them when we’re putting the gifts together.


    The only thing a dad loves more than a bad joke is a good bargain, and this mug covers both, with its homage to a certain supermarket. Add a photo of your favourite Oldi to this mug and Dad will be laughing all the way down that middle aisle. Just don’t blame us if he comes home with something weird again. (If your Oldi prefers coldies, you can also grab this in a stubby holder version!)

    Awesome Dad

    maybe you’re looking for something a little more wholesome? We’ve got you covered there, mate! Send us a picture of Dad and we’ll throw it straight onto this mug. More than just a thing to hold beverages in, it’s also highly educational, showing the world exactly what an Awesome Dad looks like. Show it off with pride, Dad – you’ve earned it!

    Dad’s Mowing Company

    Dad will tell you, if you want something done properly, you do it yourself. And nowhere is that more true that in the garden. If you’ve got a dad that lives for his ride-on mower or thinks a Sunday is best spent pruning his roses, then this personalised Dad’s Mowing Company mug is the perfect accompaniment to his gardening sessions. Let us know Dad’s name and we’ll add it to this fake company mug. He’ll be sipping from it while happily admiring his hard work in no time!

    Father’s Day Gift Ideas

    Need a bit of Father’s Day inspo to get you started? We’ve put together a selection of our best Father Day’s gifts for you to peruse!

    Best Dad Guarantee stubby holder

    If you’ve got the type of dad that thinks the perfect Sunday is a sausage sizzle and a stroll around the powertool section, we just know he’ll love our Best Dad Guarantee stubby holder – available in both can and long neck varieties, to cover whatever beer he prefers sipping on the back deck. You can also grab this design on a host of other items too, including tees, caps, and bar mats!

    Toilet Timer

    Did you know that any longer than 5 minutes on the loo is bad for you? As seen on Shark Tank USA and backed by a heap of good eggs over on Kickstarter, the Toilet Timer will make sure Dad doesn’t spend too long sitting on his throne. And remember, it’s not just for the rest of the household’s benefit – it’s for his HEALTH! Available in both classic black and white and a funky pop art version.

    Hi Hungry, I’m Dad apron

    Our baboons have put in years of research, countless hours of study, and trawled though all available data to bring you this: the ultimate Dad Joke. The one guaranteed to combine the most eyerolls with the biggest dad chuckle. And, as if that wasn’t enough, we’ve whacked it on an APRON, to really give your dad every available opportunity to crack this one out at the family BBQ. Dad not much of a cook? Try it on a hoodie or a mug instead!

    DILF tee

    Come on, admit it. Your dad’s a bit of a DILF, right? Wait, what? NO, NOT LIKE THAT. Everyone knows that DILF stands for “Damn, I love fishing!” If your dad is part of the DILF crew (and also doesn’t mind a cheeky play on words), our DILF t-shirt is the ideal choice!

    Like all our tees, it’s available in a variety of colours and sizes, making it perfect no matter what type of dad bod your dad is rocking! Team it with some matching stubby coolers for the ultimate fishing gift pack – Dad will probably also love our Master Baiter collection too!

    Shower beer silicon stubby holder

    We’ve chucked this in with our Father’s Day gift ideas but, honestly, it’s a great gift for just about anyone. Whether it’s after work, before a night out, or recovering from th