Best Kris Kringle Gifts Under $30

    Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a game of Kris Kringle, and if you’re an Aussie with a sense of humour, you’ll love our collection of Secret Santa gifts under $30. We have mugs, stubby coolers, calendars, rude bars of soap, cards that smash you with sound and glitter, and a hell of a lot more. We’ve used the funniest internet memes and other hilarious characters from our culture, so you’re sure to find something that suits your dad, mum, brother, workmate, or anyone with a good sense of humour.

    We have the best Kris Kringle gifts under $30 that are not only affordable, they’re all made to last with good quality materials—we don’t make throwaway crap! $30 may not be a lot, but we want your gift to keep on providing chuckles until they are properly worn.

    Give your family members a laugh this Xmas with one of the best Secret Santa gifts under $30 that will put you in everyone’s good books.

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    Choo Choo Choose You 🚂- Stubby HolderCHOO CHOO CHOOSE YOU 🚂- Stubby Holder


    Sale price$26.95
    The 🔥UNT - Magic MugThe 🔥UNT - Magic Mug
    Humping Animals 🐦🐝 - 2024 CalendarHumping Animals 🐦🐝 - 2024 Calendar
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    Aussie Christmas Limited Edition🦘🍻 – Stubby HolderMost Wonderful Time For A Beer 🎁🍻 –
    Black Big Barry 🍆 SPECIAL EDITION - Stubby HolderGold Big Barry 🍆 SPECIAL EDITION - Stubby Holder

    Big Barry 🍆 SPECIAL EDITION - Stubby Holder

    Sale price$14.95

    2 colors available

    Kath & Kim Christmas 😈🎄 - Stubby HolderKath & Kim Christmas 😈🎄 - Stubby Holder
    Big Barry 🍆- 2024 CalendarBig Barry 🍆- 2024 Calendar
    Christmas Assorted Sticker Gift Tags 🎄🏷️ - A5 Sticker SheetChristmas Assorted Sticker Gift Tags 🎄🏷️ - A5 Sticker Sheet

    $30 Secret Santa Gift Ideas Australia

    At Spicy Baboon, our goal is to provide you with one of the biggest and most affordable range of $30 Secret Santa gifts in Australia that you and your family will find hilarious. We’ve gone for the classic Christmas gifts that are usable and can be enjoyed all year round. Our pressies include:


    75% of the Australian population is thought to drink coffee, and our comical mugs are the perfect receptacle for it. Energy + comedy is always going to be a good mix, particularly if the gift is personalised from Dad’s little “shites”.

    Stubby Holders

    Ahhh, booze. Christmas wouldn’t be the same without it. You don’t want to listen to your cousin drone on about breaking his latest cycling record without being at least half-cut, and our stubby holders will cool your beer and make the experience semi-tolerable. (Consider a personalised version from Mum’s little “shite” ).


    People have been sending Christmas cards since the late 19th century, so there’s little point in stopping now. Thankfully they’ve become a lot more funny and irreverent since then—just check out our collection and you’ll understand. We’re not even going to give you an example here as we stock so many, and let’s face it, everyone is irreverent in their own way. It’s a unique personal quality. No judgement here.


    ou can pack a lot into 365 days, which is why a comedy calendar could be a great gift for your Secret Santa. We have a few to choose from, including our Dogs Pooping in Beautiful Places version for the dog lover in your life. (Or to convince your partner that a dog and its daggy bum is definitely NOT on the agenda right now).

    Personalised Gifts

    Throw your Secret Santa’s face onto a personalised mug or a stubby cooler so they can be regularly reminded how beautiful they are. Even better, throw YOUR face on one to remind them how effing awesome YOU are.


    if your pressie recipient wasn’t already reminded of Christmas enough by the countless decorations and adverts, you can also remind them of the event (and no doubt the drinking that will go with it) with a quintessentially Australian beer scented soap. Cheers (both in and out of the shower)!

    Best Secret Santa Gifts Under $30

    Secret Santa remains a great tradition that brings a little fun into the festive season. Whether at work, among your family, or with your friends, it’s a great opportunity to give something that is both handy and funny. That’s basically why we made our selection of comedy Secret Santa gifts—we want people to open their presents, throw their heads back with laughter, and hold them aloft like some kind of trophy.

    Let’s face it—only the most boring of people would want to open a department store gift voucher for their Secret Santa. It completely misses the point of the activity: to get something that somebody can use, and also finds funny. Double win. Our mugs, calendars, stubby coolers, and tons of other products all fall into this glorious category, and might make you just a little bit cooler. $30 Secret Santa gifts rock!

    Quality Secret Santa Gifts Under $30 That Will Last The Distance

    We don’t want you to buy one of our funny Kris Kringle gifts under $30 and then have it fall apart after a few uses. We have a reputation to keep! That’s why we make all of our products with high-quality, high-grade materials, to ensure that they can be used for years.

    We use quality neoprene synthetic rubber and high-grade ink for all of our stubby holders, so you can put hundreds, no, thousands of beers into them and delight in their immense strength. We use superior porcelain for our Secret Santa mugs so that they don’t shatter the moment they tap against a dish. And we have thick and respectable GSMs (grams per square metre) for our cards and calendars, so they will stand firm on your cabinet or wall. All excellent quality, and all excellent Secret Santa presents for your lucky recipient.

    Give a $30 Secret Santa Gift That Will Make You The Office Or Family Favourite

    Not convinced yet? Here’s just a few reasons why our Spicy Baboon gifts make excellent Christmas gifts for your Secret Santa:

    They’re Funny

    Have we mentioned this already? Our Christmas gifts are funny. Really really funny. Otherwise our baboons wouldn’t have made them, and we aren’t about to question their sense of humour because they have muscles like you wouldn’t believe. So if you want to make your Secret Santa laugh this Christmas, for heaven’s sake buy one of our gifts. And if we’re being honest here, you’re probably buying this present because you want to make people laugh and seem funnier than you really are. There’s no shame in it. We all do it.

    They can be used

    We make products that are both funny and useful, so that your Secret Santa can use them time and time again (not just for Christmas). Our mugs, stubby coolers, and calendars are just a few good examples.

    They last for ages

    We aren’t about making tat that falls apart after a few uses. That’s why we use high-quality materials for all of our products. We want them to be enjoyed repeatedly!

    They are excellent value

    With our Kris Kringle gifts under $30 (and many under $20), you can buy a cracking pressie from us that will be useful and piss funny. You’ll be hard-pressed to find this much value in a present elsewhere.

    They’re made in Australia

    It’s good to support our national economy. A healthy economy means more jobs, more opportunities, and better services for everyone, so by purchasing a Spicy Baboon Christmas gift you’re helping to do these very things. They’re important, and one of the reasons that Australia is such a great place to live.

    What is Secret Santa called around the world?

    Kris Kringle (or Kris Kindle, Kris Kringel)

    Kris Kringle is derived from the German word Christkindl (“Christ child”), and is often called this in Australia, America, Canada, and the UK.


    ”Witcteln” is the German word for elf or goblin, which is believed to be the little magical creature that leaves the gift for you.


    ”Julklapp” is the Scandinavian word for Secret Santa, and it translates to “Christmas knock.” That’s pretty damn literal.

    Lootjes Trekken (or namen trekken)

    This is the Dutch version of the game, and it translates to “to pull straws.”

    White Elephant or Dirty Santa

    a version of the game where you have the option to steal other people’s presents after you open yours. In this version, you buy a present and put it into a pile. Then you draw people’s names from a hat, and they get to open a present, and if they don’t like it, they can swap it for someone else’s. That’s what makes it dirty. The best outcome is to come last so that you can steal any present you want.

    Secret Santa

    A rare version of the game where you dress up as the Satan, lord of the underworld, ring your friend’s doorbell, and then leap out and slap them with a wet haddock. Just kidding, we might have made that one up.

    $30 Secret Santa Gifts — FAQs

    • 1. How did this Secret Santa business start anyway?

      Secret Santa is thought to have started in the 80s with an American philanthropist called Larry Dean Stewart. He gave the people of Kansas anonymous cash gifts during the holiday season, and even started training other Secret Santas—what a guy!
      But…it may also come from a Scandinavian tradition called Julklapp, where people left gifts at doors and then ran away. We have no idea which is true, so feel free to pick the version you like best.

    • 2. Who comes up with your Secret Santa gift ideas?

      Our products are designed as a collaborative effort between our designers and marketing team. We turn to the funniest and most popular memes, TV shows, and other cultural nuggets for inspiration, and turn them into mugs, t-shirts, and more. Our baboons are very creative, and we love them for it.

    • 3. Who makes your Secret Santa gifts?

      We have a talented team of creative baboons who work together to produce our masterpieces. It starts with our marketing team who start with a suitable product and then brainstorm hilarious new ideas to use. Our design baboons then create it on their fancy Macs and pass it over to our manufacturers who create some samples. If we’re happy, we ask for more and then list them on our website for you to buy loads of (we hope).

    • 4. What are your shipping times?

      We like to think we’re the Baboon Capital of Brisbane, so our team will prepare and print your items within one to four business days. Here are our full shipping times through Australia Post:
      • Standard post—4 to 8 business days • Express post—2 to 3 business days

    • 5. Can I return my Spicy Baboon gift?

      You can—it just needs to be returned within 14 days, and not used. We’ll need to find evidence of your sale (your email address will do).